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Spring boho outfits inspiration

March 23, 2017

Hello lovelies, here are some spring boho outfit ideas. I made the collages as an inspiration for my upcoming outfit posts, so stay tuned. It can be an inspiration for those attending festivals this season. I hope you all have a great day. Sunflower picture source: Pinterest…

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Fashion Outfits

Striped wrap blouse & golden hour

March 21, 2017

Hello everyone, and happy spring day 🌸  Today’s look is all about stripes; starring this beautiful wrapped blouse. This beautiful piece is from Romwe. Apart from the stripes, The fabric is great, some kind of linen and I love how the wrap style marks the waist, it’s very feminine. I can picture so many outfits with this blouse, it’s gonna be one of my spring/summer staples. In reference of my previous article about those e-commerce brands, I ordered a size…

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Diaries & moods Lifestyle

Friday mood: Decluttering & spirulina cure

March 17, 2017

Spring cleaning This weekend I am planning to declutter my wardrobe and my belongings. While I am very cautious about what I buy and bring to my home, I still need to declutter periodically. Things that were useful and dear to me six months ago may be useless now, due to a change of lifestyle or mood. I will probably end up doing a garage sale to find a new home to my pre loved items. I am don’t define my…

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Africa Lifestyle Travel

A Sunday in Mehdia

March 15, 2017

Heloo lovelies, Just a casual post to share with you some pictures from Mehdia beach. Those of you who are following me on social media know that I spent last Sunday there (and that the weather was not that good). Fun fact, I have never been to Mehdia. It’s really a shame for someone living in Rabat. But it’s never too late right? Mehdia is a famous beach and surf spot. Unfortunately all the vintage cafés and shops that you…

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Fashion Outfits

Last winter outfit of the season: Men’s sweater and flowy dress

March 12, 2017

This will probably be the last sweater outfit, the weather has been great in here recently and I can’t wait to wear lighter outfits. This sweater is stolen from my husband’s wardrobe 😇  I like the contrast of this chunky masculine piece with the feminine flowy Polka dress and my boho fringed & studded bag. The dress is from an old collection of Sud Express.  Tomorrow we are going to Mehdia beach. I will document it all on Instagram stories. …

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Diaries & moods Lifestyle

Friday mood: Spring is just few days away…

March 10, 2017

I am a spring child, born in May. It’s the season where I thrive the most. After a long winter coziness and hibernation and as the temperature is rising, I want to be outside, stay active, and watch the nature shifting. Spring is the season of fertility, we can use this energy to create opportunities for positive change in our lives and in the world. I naturally set back a healthy routine, without pressure and without depriving myself. Spring cleaning happens in…

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Africa Outfits Travel

My Vintage Rabat

March 6, 2017

Rabat is my native city and lifetimelove, I grew up in it, fell in love in it, and literally fell in it sometimes. Today’s photos are a little bit different. My real, raw, greyscale, off-duty, non contoured and makeup free Rabat. Rabat city center hides a a lot of monuments from French protectorate: old Haussmannian buildings and vintage shops. It all blends with Moroccan architecture and city center’s mess in the afternoon: Souika, Joutia. I simply love it! While there are other very modern neighbourhoods…

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Diaries & moods Home design Lifestyle

Bohemian beach home mood board

March 4, 2017

When I was a child, we had a rug just like the one below. I learnt to walk on it and spent countless days playing. Until the day my little sister became allergic to wool and we had to throw away all things wool, including stuffed animals… So in my adulthood, every time I had to furnish a place, I started with a Moroccan wool rug, they are so beautiful and fluffy. They can either be minimalistic like this one or colourful…

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Diaries & moods Lifestyle

Friday mood: What was once in the deep is now in #TheShallows

March 3, 2017

Movie crush of the week: “the Shallows” Okey! A shark-fighting movie is not he best idea to motivate yourself to surf more… But when I saw the trailer, I was immediately hooked! Blake Lively is drop-dead gorgeous as a surfer girl. She naturally has this cool-California-sexy vibe and she was very believable as a surfer. Her jewelry collection in the movie is stunning! Adding to that, the drone scenes of the pristine beach are incredible , the whole visual quality…

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Europe Travel

48h in Copenhagen

February 27, 2017

I hadn’t originally planned to go to Copenhagen, but I am glad I did! In January, I would say it’s cold… very cold! So if you plan to go by this time of the year, pack some serious layers! Actually, I think that the gloomy winter vibe adds more charm to the Danish capital. It’s a part of the Scandinavian experience. I will write an article later explaining why I like Europe in the winter. I was surprised at first, it’s…

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