12 post-holiday resolutions – share yours!

Sep 2, 2016Life

Happy September everyone! With September comes the good resolutions of back to school/work and the energy¬†reset. This is the first time in my life that I didn’t travel in the summer, but we spent a lot of time in the beach house and I ended up missing our apartment. We are now back to urban life!I can’t believe it’s September already. It’s still feels like summer but not really ūüėĬ†Anyway, any period comes with its perks.

What are your back to school/work resolutions? He are mine:

#productive #getthingsdone #wanderlust


  1. Workout 6 times a week (I hope my back pain is over)
  2. Start running (always hated it, but now I am enjoying it and see its benefits)Start meditation
  3. Wake up everyday at 6 AM again, I lost this habit in summer (easy one, I am a natural morning person)
  4. Start a vision board
  6. Plan cheat days in my healthy diet to avoid frustration –> leading to binging –> leading to guilt #yolo
  7. Improve my meal prep skills, sometimes it’s hard to eat well when you come home late and very hungry
  8. Be consistent with my planning and to do-lists, it is very relieving to write things down, it reduces anxiety
  9. Start a skincare routine :p
  10. Make a plan for online training
  11. Be consistent with daily walks with the man preferably, I love our conversations when we are waling it is very soothing
  12. Just do it! Move forward, everyday a little more and stop waiting for the right moment or the right mood to do things

This can seem like a lot, but those are not really new resolutions. I’s more of an improvement of my previous resolutions and being consistent. The most challenging being to do one thing at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.

Have a great week.



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