A Sunday in Mehdia

Mar 15, 2017Life

Heloo lovelies,

Just a casual post to share with you some pictures from Mehdia beach. Those of you who are following me on social media know that I spent last Sunday there (and that the weather was not that good).

Fun fact, I have never been to Mehdia. It’s really a shame for someone living in Rabat. But it’s never too late right?

Mehdia is a famous beach and surf spot. Unfortunately all the vintage cafés and shops that you will see in the pictures, will soon be demolished. Yes, they are really really outdated and rusty, but it’s part of the charm. Can’t we refurbish and modernize while keeping the vintage touch? Anyway, I think the plan is to duplicate the Northern coast design (Tangiers and Tetuan), kind of like Marbella. We will see…

The sad story is that a lot of waiters and people working in those cafés will soon be unemployed with no other perspective. They worked there all their lives, it’s their world and daily life.

The beach spot is surrounded by a very dense and lush forest. Spending time in nature does wonders for the soul. It felt so good!

I had a wonderful and peaceful day. I spent most of it reading and walking on the beach. We also had a delicious fish dish at our friend’s.

At the end of the day we stopped at Oulja to check out some furniture. I bought a hanging chair for the beach house, I love it! I will post some pictures very soon.

If you go there you have to check out Mehdia surf camp. A wonderful bohemian/ surfer shack decor and a great friendly atmosphere.

Have a great rest of the week ?


Mehdia surf camp

 It looks like a Scandinavian cathedral dome ?

Our lunch spot

Beautiful view

A very vintage café


How dense is this forest?

An iconic vintage hotel for sale, who’s interested?

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