Another summer week-end in August

Aug 22, 2016Life4 comments

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great week-end! Here are some random pictures from this August week-end. We had a lot of fun with the Gopro!

I took a week off starting today. That is the first time in my life, since I started working 8 years ago that I am not traveling in my holiday. I will enjoy a stay-cation in the beach house and work on my blog along with some other side projects. I will get a taste of the life of a freelancer, and honestly I like it so far. Wish me luck in my projects, I will tell you more about that very soon.

We started the week-end with a good front beach breakfast, followed by the usual morning swim.

After that we met our friends in Oued Cherrat beach, and rent stand up paddle boards. I love it! We lunched at the same grilled sardines pot in Bouznika.

The day after, we went back to Rabat for some errands and took lunch in our favourite spot: “Les deux palais”. We ended the day with sunset drinks on the beach terrace.




WhatsApp Image 2016-08-21 at 10.00.35 PM

Start the day with a good breakfast!


Morning beach walk trying the Gopro!



Playing mermaid with the Gopro!


Beaching, with my custom pompom straw bag <3


Not the most flattering pictures, but I love stand up paddle <3


Yummy grilled sardines for lunch!


Errands OOTD in the city:

Blouse: Thrifted

Skirt: New yorker

Bag: Etnika Store

Necklace: Local craft store

Sandals: Birkenstock

Hat: Zara

Sunglasses: Rayban

DSC00936Lunch in the city! <3

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-21 at 10.44.59 PMBeautiful sunset to end the week-end!

Thank you for sharing my journey,





  1. Madeline

    Your purse is so cute!


      Thank you Madeline <3

  2. Selma

    Hi Dalal where did u do the stand up paddle boarding? I love it too but I don’tknow where I can do it in Morocco.


      Hi dear Selma <3 You cant rent a SUP board in Oued Cherrat surf school, near the restaurant Eden or in one of Bouznika's surf schools! Happy surfing <3 I think they rent boards at Oudaya's Surf school but the beach is too crowded in the summer I don't recommend it 🙁


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