4 questions every smart shopper asks himself before shopping

Sep 18, 2016Style4 comments

Good morning everyone, #summerisnotover but let’s face it, autumn is officially here…

In every season transition, I use Pinterest and collages to redefine my style and revive my old pieces. This way, I avoid shopping clothes that are non-relevant for my current preferences, and it gives me more clarity to decide my outfits; especially in the morning.

Minimalism, capsule wardrobes and project 333

Last year, I read a lot about minimalism. That led me to project 333. If you don’t what it is; check out this description from one of my favourite minimalist bloggers : Mademoiselle, as well as Light by Coco & Rachel Aust.

Statistically, people wear 20% of their closets only, all the rest is just money and space consuming. A cluttered closet brings guilt (of buying pieces you don’t wear) and confusion. In project 333 you basically need to choose 33 pieces for a seasonal capsule wardrobe. The goal is to declutter, reduce the stress of decision making when you choose an outfit, and have clarity about what you really need and have. The concept has a sustainable goal as well, as it helps with compulsive shopping.

Project 333 itself is a bit extreme for me, but reading about it helped me a lot to improve my shopping habits. I did a major decluttering and a garage sale and decided to change my shopping habits.

How to shop less and smart?

Believe it or not, I hate shopping! Don’t get me wrong I love fashion and style, but I hate spending hours looking for things just for the sake of looking. I also find trying clothes the most exhausting activity. That’s why I love online shopping! I usually have a clear idea about what I want, and I am a fairly efficient shopper. Before buying a piece I ask myself several questions:

Does it fit my current lifestyle?

For example: I used to wear heels a lot when I worked in the same city and stayed at office most of the time. I also lived far from the city center back then, so I was driving all the time. But, now I have a job where I take the train to go to office, and spend a lot of time running around for business meetings, adding to that I live in the center now and I walk a lot more. So, I settled for comfortable (but still stylish) shoes.

Does it match anything that I have in my closet?

I need to imagine two outfits minimum with the piece before buying it.

Does the size fit perfectly?

I mean really fit, without any tailoring or alteration or wishful thinking that the shoe is going to shrink/expand. Clothes that needs tailoring for example, usually sit there for a while, and then I end up hating them!

Do I really love it?

Sometimes we buy things just because they are on sale, or because someone tells us it looks good. I try now to only buy things I really love!

If you are interested in the subject, I really recommend this book: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo. Also known as the Konmari method. You can find it on Amazon, click on the image below. Who better than Japanese master the art of tidying up and minimalism?


  1. Devika

    Loved all the pieces. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. blessing boamah

    fall fashion is one of my favorites, I’ve heard about that method, my friend was explaining it to me and I never got around to actually doing it.

    • dalal.yagoubi@gmail.com

      A bit extreme, but the book does change your habits in good way. Thanks for the feed-back <3

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