A day in my life: Freelancer beach house edition

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This is a typical weekday in the beach house…

“And in between goals, there’s this thing called life and it needs to be lived and enjoyed.”

Friends, family and extra routine activities like SUP, surf and eating out are reserved for the weekend. I hope you will get a taste of the beach through this post. Welcome to our bohemian living at its best, where my beauty routine is simply: Sunkissed, wild hair and no make up!

Our bohemian haven is located in Skhirat. A small seaside village at 20 min from Rabat in Morocco.

Paisley silk scarf: vintage / Bodysuit: H&M / Sunnies: Rayban


7 A.M. Wake up!

First thing, I check out the beach. Every single morning, I am grateful to wake up to such a view.

Recently, I adopted a new Ayurvedic practice: Oil pulling. So, I start with that while waiting for the water to boil for my morning lemon water. I drink my water and catch up on my favourite blogs on Bloglovin, Instagram and Youtube feed.

8 A.M. Workout!

As you know, I am a fan of living room workouts (there’s an article about that here). This summer, I added some fitness, HIIT and pilate workouts to my yoga. I already shared them on my Facebook and Instagram stories for those who follow me there (for those who don’t… Why not?). Here are my current favourite videos if you are interested: Dance cardio, Victoria’s secret body-sculpting (I have another level of respect to VS models since I started this workout… and I suspect it’s the light version), anything from Popsugar or Elle (for French speakers).

9 A.M. Breakfast!

My favourite meal of the day! We like it hearty and nutritious. A lot of options following the mood, the cravings and what’s available in our pantry ?  : gigantic superfood smoothies, chia seed pudding topped with fruits, an omelet with vegetables, oatmeal and fruits, quinoa and fruits… During breakfast we set our planning for the day.

Top: Roxy (Thrifted) / Tea: Kusmi tea Anastasia blend

10 A.M. Morning swim!

To avoid the summer crowds at the beach, we swim right after breakfast. We walk 25 min from the house to the beach. If we have to take our phones or money we use a dry bag. I know, it’s lifesaving! My advice to you: Try it at home with something (not valuable) inside and sink it in a tub or a bucket of water, before taking it to the sea. Better safe than sorry!

Sometimes we buy fresh fish for lunch on our way back right from the boat. M.Moustache is a grilled fish expert!

Dress: H&M / Bikini: Roxy / Cap: Single fin

11 A.M.  Work, work, work!

… with a cup of coffee. I like mine long with a tsp of coconut oil and a pinch of cinnamon.

Laptop: Macbook air / Hanging chair: El Oulja, similar (stand sold separately) /Shirt: Mango / Skirt: Marwa

14 A.M. Lunch!

Grilled fish, roasted vegetables, risotto, buddah bowls, Gigantic salads, gluten free bolognese pasta, homemade maki, spring rolls, tuna salad… Anything fresh, easy and healthy. Living by the beach with only a small village nearby is the best way to eat healthy and simple. Vegetables and fruits are easy to grab and there is no supermarket temptation with endless choices. We realised we don’t need that much to eat good… Nuts and seed are available at traditional herbalist shop (Attar). The only things we had to stack up on from the city are: Quinoa, chia seeds gluten free pasta, and corn cakes.

Prawn Thai inspired salad

P.M. Afternoon work!

Blog, social media, partners prospection, freelance work, travel planning, editorial schedule, future projects, website adjustments (sorry for the inconvenience by the way)…

8 P.M. Sunset walk, longboard or a photoshoot!

Avoiding the blazing sun and taking advantage of the best light. Either to practice longboard (yes M.Moustache got into it since I received my Boardup), shoot some content in the golden hour or just walk in the beach hand in hand, talk (or not) and spend some quality time together, since we are pretty much isolated when we work at home.

Dress: Shein / Earrings: Moroccan market

9 P.M. Work, or movie night!

Depending on the deadlines and the energy left from the day… Movie nights included: Game of Thrones season 7, Split, Get out, Sucker punch (still don’t get it but interesting), Prometheus, Serenity, Blood orange (weird thriller starring Iggy Pop!) and a Tarantino Marathon. We also saw “Wonder woman“. I am risking some serious backlashing here…I didn’t like it! In my opinion, it’s an okay super hero movie but a bit overrated. Maybe I would’ve enjoyed it more if it wasn’t that much oversold all over internet. Usually we snack on popcorn and fruits or we have a soup for dinner if we are hungry.

11.30 P.M. Bed time!

A minimalist night beauty routine (coconut oil, rose water and The Body Shop eye serum), few pages from my current book and I abandon myself in Morpheus arms.

Bonne nuit!

Book: Big cherry holler /Eye serum: The Body shop drops of youth / Coconut oil: From Bali /Rose water: Argapur

xo xo Dalal



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