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I don’t like to state or complain about how fast time comes and goes, but it does! I can’t believe it’s Valentine’s day already. So after my valentine’s gift guide and miscellaneous thoughts, here is my Valentine’s date story… Ok, I’m keeping it real here it’s more of a Valentine’s themed photoshoot, that we arranged on the beach. Because what represents us better than a casual beach date, right?

Daniel Wellington

This post is actually sponsored by Daniel Wellington. I know you guys love when I share my journey as a blogger and my interactions with the brands involved.

You probably don’t need me to introduce the brand, they are one of the most successful e-commerce brands in this era. As a marketing enthisiast, I’ve been following their success story and business model very closely. I was both fascinated and encouraged by it, because they are one of the first brands who trusted content creators just like me to build their brand awareness. But I am going to be honest, even though I was seeing the product everywhere, I’ve never paid much attention to it I was more looking into the strategy behind it. I also heard from some people (probably haters) that the quality was not the best.

So when the brand asked me to work with them on the Instagram Valentine’s campaign, I simply answered that it wouldn’t be much of a value, unless we did a blog story about it… They were completely open minded and on-board, letting me complete creative freedom. Not only I was encouraged to do things my way, but I was also encouraged to give them and leave an honest feedback about the product.

I guess that’s why they are successful!

Even a genius marketing strategy will not be sustainable in the long run if you don’t pair it with: first a good quality product, second integrity!

So haters gonna hate! Meanwhile the Petite Melrose watch they sent me is beautiful and feels so premium, and the material used is the best! I also love their timeless designs and think of it as a sustainable buy. They are durable in the time, I can eventually pass the watch to my children eventually πŸ™‚ A watch isn’t something you’d want to change every season.

I am also loving the size of the petite collection, because I have tiny wrists and the classical design would’ve just looked ridiculous on me!

In case you didn’t know, Daniel Wellington is a Swedish brand, they ship worldwide for free (friends in Morocco beware of the custom fees above 125$!), and today I have a 15% discount for you guys. So come onboard, and join the DW movement, as for me I am completely hooked.


They are offering a heart charm with their petite set, available in black and gold. The offer will end by Valentine’s day… So those are the last few minutes. Find the set here:Β Petite Melrose watch

I obviously chose the gold colour!

Weekly date nights

Back to our Valentine’s theme…

Since we quit our office jobs, my husband and I work on freelance projects from home most of the time. Working from home and freelancing is a blessing for us, we are so grateful for the experience. There is a downside though…. we don’t count our hours anymore!Β  Consequently it became a struggle separating work time from personal time.

So, as part of our 2018 resolutions, we took matters into our own hands and decided to set up regular date nights, where we quit our phones and laptops. I miss those nights where we simply enjoy each others company, having intimate conversations and sharing our thoughts and dreams. Not worrying about anything else but that!

What a better time to start this resolution than Valentine’s day… and what a better place than the beach to celebrate it. We actually did have a dinner on that same table after the shoot. We watched the sunset, walked by the beach and talked until it got too cold. It was on of those moments where time just passes by. Omar told me how beautiful I looked and how he loved the wild hair, the red lips and my new watch. He said that it complimented perfectly my delicate wrists, and I blushed. Yes I still blush when he tells me that I am beautiful πŸ™‚

Engagement story

Fun fact, did you know that we got engaged on a Valentine’s day four years ago? πŸ™‚

I know it sounds cheesy, but it was a coincidence I promise!
Omar just got back from a long trip and didn’t want to wait to divulge his plans. So he invited me to what it seemed to be a regular Valentine’s date to become our engagement story. Back then I was a more into luxury designers and one of my princess dreams, was to get married in a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals. I must’ve mention it someday and he remembered! So he proposed with a ring… and a pair of Jimmy Choos haha! He is still joking about how I was more thrilled about the shoes than the ring! And I was! Not because of the shoes, but because he paid attention, he remembered and he offered me my princess moment. Even though he doesn’t get why they are so expensive, he didn’t need to. He just needed me to be happy, and that was one of the happiest moments of my life!
I am getting a little personal around here, and this little internet corner is growing with me…
I wish you an amazing Valentine’s day, and all the days after it. Celebrate love in the way you see fit, not how you feel you should.
As for me I’m in a mood for love. And I love you all!

xo xo Dalal
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  1. Nour

    Love, love it! Le shooting, les photos, le sunset, l’histoire, TOUT ~~
    Lay hfedkoum ?

    • JustDalal

      Merci beaucoup ma belle, it means a lot ? ? ? ?

  2. Zineb

    La petite attention : la bague et les jimmy haha trop mignon !


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