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Water is life!

In the recent years, at least around me, the quality of tap water decreased a lot and we all started to drink bottled water on a daily basis. I felt very bad about it, especially for the plastic production we are all participating in. I found a way to recycle them in Morocco, but it’s still better to not encourage plastic production at all. My sister introduced me to an amazing, eco-friendly and budget-friendly solution last year, but between all the changes that happen in our lives in 2017 and moving to a new apartment I didn’t take the time to integrate this in my life. But recently, I accidentally found it in Bricoma (hardware store in Morocco) and immediately bought it. This solution as you guessed it from the title is: a water filter pitcher.

In case you forgot why we hate plastic? It’s a material that lasts forever, loaded with harmful chemicals, dangerous to the wildlife, environment and groundwater and hard to recycle or destroy.

Where to buy a water filter pitcher?

For my local friends, the one I found at Bricoma is from the brand Naturife and costs 220 dhs. In addition to the pitcher you need to buy cartridges that cost 49dhs each and last up to two months. No need to do the math, it’s way cheaper that buying bottled water! Naturife Filter takes out chlorine, Taste, Odor and bacteria. It has an indicator on top that tells you in how many days your filter will last. The result is  ionized alkaline water that has a very agreeable taste.

For my International friends, I recommend the brand Brita  either online or at your local hardware store. It’s the one I tried at my sister’s in Berlin. The Brita filtered water tastes amazing and a little bit sweet, and honesly better than Naturife.

Why you should filter your water?

Health prevention

Tap water is dirtier than it looks. Depending on where you live, tap water can contain chlorine, fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), assorted hormones, pesticides and even trace amounts of prescription drugs. Chlorine is the chemical used to purify pools from bacteria, and while it’s a good antibacterial agent it’s also a harsh and dangerous cancer-causing chemical.

Apart from removing chemicals, water filters alkalinise water, making it easy to digest. Apparently ph-neutral water is even more hydrating than bottled water.

Taste & smell

The real reason why I stopped drinking tap water is when it started to taste bad and smell like bleach or worse… sewage. The bleach smell comes from the chlorine we talked about. About the rest… the mystery remains! I listened to my gut and started drinking bottled water instead. In addition to that, I was spending 50% of my time in Casablanca during my corporate days, and the water has always been nasty there (sorry Casawis but you know it’s true!).

Be careful though, removing chlorine from your water makes it more sensitive to bacteria. So don’t fill more than you can drink for the day and keep the water in the pitcher!

Water filter pitchers Vs bottled water

Filtered water is healthier than bottled water

Fun fact, some of the bottled water that we buy is no more than tap filtered water! That the difference between mineral water and table water (eau de table). Your homemade filtered water is healthier because it’s not preserved in plastic. We can’t control the conservation conditions, for example plastic bottles that are exposed to the sun release all their chemicals. Check out this study published on ABC News: here.

Drink more water

Having a water pitcher available at your counter will make you drink more water. Especially, if you have children. The filtering process is fun to watch and encourages them to drink more water as well.

Save on water expenses

I am going to take my household as an example. My husband and I drink around 3-4 litres of bottled water. That makes our water bottles expenses around 40$ per month. With the filter pitcher, if we exclude the initial small investment of the pitcher, our cartridges cost will be 2.5$ per month! We reduced our water expenses by16 times!

Reduce your carbon footprint (and work on your karma)

If you buy bottled water, sit down for a minute and count how many bottle waste your produce per month. You’re going to be surprised! Plastic is very hard to recycle, and even when it’s done. When you use a filter, you reduce your trash and the cost of transporting the water (especially those coming from far-fetched exotic islands…).

Are you drinking enough water?

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. Consequently we need water to function and boost our metabolism. An adult should drink 2 l of water per day (around 8 glasses, and even more in the summer, in warm countries or if you’re very active. I am not going to lie, I find it very hard to achieve this quota, mostly because it makes go to the bathroom a lot, but I do see the benefits when I do. Few years ago I tried an app to make it more fun and keep me motivated and it worked. Here are few other ways to increase your water consumption on Freepeople blog: Drink More Water Daily: 10 Simple Tips. Also find below some infused water ideas to make less boring. I personnally find that it’s a waste of fruit and veggies, but it does look good and delicious right?

Still, not convinced yet? Here are signs that you body needs more water.

5 signs of dehydration

Headaches and low energy

I’m not saying it’s the only cause, but when you get the afternoon/ after meal headache and low energy, try to drink glass of water. The headache may vanish few minutes later.


Our bodies often confuse thirst with hunger, so drinking water regularly before the parched level will make you snack less (and eventually lose weight). This tip saved me a lot of binge snacking. Nutritionist advise to drink a water glass before every meal, in order for your body to separate hunger from thirst, and stop when it’s full.

Dry skin

Pinch the skin on the back of your hand and pull it upwards. If your skin doesn’t snap back rapidly, congratulations, you’re dehydrated! Skin hydration starts from the inside, and even the most expensive and effective hydrating cream can’t replace water and won’t be effective if you don’t hydrate your body.

Bad breath

Drinking water keeps odor under control because it helps wash away food particles and bacteria, the primary cause of bad breath.

Dark urine

Take a look and notice the colour, when you drink enough water the colour is clear almost like water itself. Urine tells us a lot about our health, take the time to it up from time to time.

Cozy outfit and good vibes scarf

Out of topic, but tis is my go to stay-at-home/ work-at-home outfit. The pastel colours add more coziness to my favourite combo: shirt, jeans, long cardigan. But my favourite piece at home is definitely a headband, it adds the style to the casual simple outfit, and keeps the crazy curls tamed while I’m being productive. This one is vintage, and above its amazing style I love its story: I bought a dress at VV vintage store in Barcelona and the shop seller saw me looking at the scarf and hesitating few minutes earlier. When I went to the cashier to pay for my dress, he grabbed the scarf and offered it to me. A random act of kindness with nothing asked in return that just warmed my heart.

I love my cozy, casual life!


xo xo Dalal
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