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Today I attended my first blogger event…

I was invited to events before but never attended, mostly for beauty brands in Casablanca. I had a feeling that all the digital/ blogging happenings were in Casablanca, but this one was in my beloved city Rabat and that was reason enough to show up. Adding to that, I wanted to catch up with my friend Nour and to meet few bloggers that I know through Instagram.

What was my surprise to see more than twenty Rabati content creators!! Inspiring creative ladies hustling, creating and sharing bits of their lives on social media. All from very different backgrounds, different personalities, for a different content but gathered beautifully around a common passion.

L’atelier burger

The event was for “l’Atelier Burger”, a rather new restaurant in Rabat that I will definitely add to my personal city guide. Industrial decor, quality ingredients and food made with love… you can always tell when food is not made with love, right? The agency who was in charge of the event was also a highlight of the day. Seeing young entrepreneurs and creators with such energy, investing in digital marketing and new ways of business makes me believe in a brighter future for the country.

The main activity was a burger workshop. I chose to make a veggie burger and the chef prepared a lot of grilled vegetables and a potato fritter just for me, I was very touched by that. The owner is an amazing and passionate lady that is also in charge of “Yoka sushi” chain #girlboss.

I had a lot of fun! They will post pictures of our burgers on their Instagram: L’atelier burger, and I need your likes and comments to win the contest please! It’s simple, mine will be the only vegetarian burger in the bunch 😀

PS: Rbatis are not snobs, I can officially vouch for that now!

I took a picture of the menu if you’re interested… The toasts are delicious, probably my favourite part of the menu.

Can I have this wall art in my living room?

Probably the real owner of the restaurant chilling in the terrace!

Love the transparent kitchen policy!

Burger chef for a day

The whole wheat veggie burger: Veggies, potato fritter, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, caramelised onions and a whole lot of goodies

Dessert workshop

Les copines! Nour from le guidelama et Hanae from Skinnyjeans

Minimoon store

After the event I went to a concept store that I wanted to check for a while: Minimoon. It’s a pop up store with diverse indie designers items: vegan leather bags, minimalist jewellery, stylish clothing, organic tea blends… all for a very reasonable price. (You know how pop up stores are often overpriced).

I picked two tea blends to try, I will let you know on Instagram asap. It’s from an organic tea brand called “Oh my tea” with a very fun packaging and crazy names such as: the “After hangover” blend, the “before bikini”… I was encouraged to take the “before bikini”, should I be offended? 😀

The reason why I decided to do it today is that they are hosting a charity initiative. During this cold wave, there are people who don’t have access to basic winter clothing! Yes that puffer jacket that you didn’t wear since two winter ago can practically save a life. Adding to that you get discounts at the shop when you donate clothes, an all win situation! So what are you waiting for? Schedule a quick closet decluttering session and hurry to “Centre commercial al Mougar” in Rabat.

The managers are so cool, we’ve been following each other on Instagram for a while, and I was so happy to discover that they also read my blog and follow our travel adventures.

Basically it was a good day! I am sorry for being over-excited, but this is a whole new world to me and I hope that this path will put as many inspiring people in my way as can be.

Oh my tea!

The donation bin

xo xo Dalal
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