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Aug 28, 2016Journal, Life

Hello guys,

Yesterday we spent the day in Casablanca and we ate at my favorite restaurant, Bondi coffee kitchen. It’s Australian inspired, healthy trendy food in a minimalistic/ industrial decor (pictures of what we ate below).

It’s the last week-end of my stay-cation, it really went too fast, much more than when I travel. I really feel rested and energized though, I am really motivated to achieve my goals and start some changes and projects in my life. I am thinking about making a vision board to have the eyes on the prize, I have so many ideas and projects strolling in my head and I need a little bit of organization to stay productive.

Talking about projects, the more I go, the more I love blogging I would really love to post more but it’s challenging with a day (stressful) job. I asked you guys a question on Instagram, I am not sure that you read the captions on the pictures so I am going to ask again in here. I am curious about your favorite and most used social media. Mine is Instagram, that’s what inspires me the most and where I post daily. I also have a Facebook page: Justdalal

And if you enjoy my content a bit, it really helps when you like, comment to give your opinions and suggestions or share, either here on the blog or on social media. It’s encouraging and keeps me motivated to do more <3 I would have never imagined it would be that much work, but I am enjoying every part of it.

What is your go-to or favourite social media?

Boho outfit temporary tattoos kilim bag 1

Boho outfit temporary tattoos kilim bag 9 Boho outfit temporary tattoos kilim bag 2

Boho outfit temporary tattoos kilim bag 11 Boho outfit temporary tattoos kilim bag 3 Boho outfit temporary tattoos kilim bag 8

Boho Outfit of the day

Top: Stradivarius

Pants: Cotton (Turkey)

Bag: My kilim bag

Necklaces: local jewelery shop

Earring: H&M

Sunglasses: gift

Sandals: Zara

Bondi coffee kitchen 1

Yummy caprese on toasts <3

Bondi coffee kitchen 2

Falafel plate for me <3

Bondi coffee kitchen 3

A sandwich for the man <3

Bondi coffee kitchen 4Justdalal in Bondi coffee kitchen

Soy latte & gluten free orange cake to make a girl happy <3

Have a great week everyone.




Boho outfit temporary tattoos kilim bag 7

Boho cat



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