Do slimming massages really work?

Aug 15, 2019Life, Wellness

Massage at Hacienda Santo Domingo in Izamal

Before my hectic freelance and travel journey, I was a massage addict. I tried all the new and hype massages around in Morocco and indulged even more on my vacations, especially in Bali. Once a year I used to book a pack of 10 slimming massages around April or May in preparation for the summer.

My favourite in Rabat were at Le Wai, the Balinese SPA (no surprise here!). Since we now live outside the city on the coastline, I decided to give the closeby establishments a try. So, I booked a slimming massage pack at Le Jade SPA in Harhoura and I’ve been very pleased so far.

I hope that more and more people will invest in quality businesses along the coastline, because just like us, a lot of people in their thirties are escaping the busy cities for the lovely slow living by the beach.

Embrace your perfectly imperfect self!

This is just an obvious but necessary reminder to love yourself as you are. While it’s amazing to try to look and feel your best, nothing will ever work if you don’t accept and love yourself as you are. Do it from a place of self-love and empowerment rather than self-deprecation. Otherwise it’s just a loss of time and money and you will feel even worse afterwards because of non-realistic expectations. We all have cellulite, nobody is perfect. Embrace your perfectly imperfect self just like @nienkke.

What is a slimming massage?

This is a vigorous and stimulating massage that is designed to target areas of cellulite. The therapist uses a combination of rubbing, and pressing techniques that help to break up cellulite. All mixed with relaxing techniques to ease up the session.

Some centers provide slimming devices such as: StarVac or Cellu M6. But I personally prefer the manual and less invasive massage.

My favourite method is the Wetterwald (palper-rouler in French).

The benefits of a slimming massage

Since I keep coming back to them, I’ve obviously seen results. Nothing drastic, but there’s a clear difference. More than 80% of women have cellulite and most of the cellulite cases are hormonal or metabolic, it’s not necessary linked with excess weight. Dieting and/or working out a is not enough, especially if like me you suffer from water retention. But massages do significantly improve the skin appearance, so here is what to expect from a slimming massage:

Reducing the cellulite appearance

Skin firming and smoothing

Stimulation blood circulation

Helps with water retention

Slightly shaping the legs and tummy area.

What not to expect from a slimming massage

Looking like a Victoria’s secret model after your 10 sessions

Losing weight and cellulite without any lifestyle changes

Completely getting rid of cellulite

How to Use Massages for Weight Loss?

Of course massages are not a miracle solution, they can enhance your appearance and help you lose a few centimeters, but not without a healthy and active lifestyle. Here are some extra tips to make the best of your massages during this cure:

  • Commit to 2-3 times a week to see the benefits.
  • Drink a lot of water to help the body detoxify (2l minimum per day)
  • As much as possible avoid sugar, white carbs, saturated fats and alcohol
  • Adopt the ayurvedic dry brushing routine, especially for Kapha doshas. Read more about it on: Cicis Ayurveda.
  • You can bring your essential oils to your SPA. Ask them to add few drops to a neutral oil such as almond oil, or glycerin oil. The most effective for weight loss are: cinnamon, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, sweet orange, sage, fennel and peppermint
  • Use a coconut oil and coffee natural body scrub while you shower and finish with a caffeine based cream as a moisturizer or this amazing Oil blend
  • For the brave souls: take a cold shower after your workout, I prefer a dip in the ocean personally 😉

How to evaluate the quality and the benefits of your massage?

My first advice is to not book the pack of 10 massages right away. Book a first session to see how it makes you feel and if your SPA center is qualified for such massages. Here are few signs to look for before deciding to book a pack:

  • Slimming massages are uncomfortable especially if you have fibrous cellulite, but they should not be painful. Ask to reduce the pressure if you feel any pain. The more you do it, the more you can increase the pressure, the cellulite will soften and your massages will be more comfortable
  • I learnt this at Le Jade SPA, massaging the knees should be very light or avoided. Veins and ligaments are very sensitive in this area, especially in the back knees. Again be vocal about your comfort level and help your massage therapist find the right massage for you
  • If the massage is really good, you will want to go to the bathroom right after the session. Because the increase in lymph circulation is helping your body to get rid of any toxic build-up
  • Your massage should not leave any bruises. Your skin might get red, but bruises mean that you endanger the veins and blood circulation
  • Your body is usually more sensitive to pain around your menstrual cycle. If it’s your first massage attempt try to avoid this time of the month
  • Muscle sore, just like the ones that you experience after a workout are normal though.
  • While it’s almost impossible to see results in the first session, you can already feel that your skin is more firm and dewy.

I hope that this article answers your questions, feel free to ask more questions in the comments if you have any, or to DM me on Instagram: dalal_yagoubi

xo xo Dalal
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