How to practice yoga for free?

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Hello lovelies,

I took yoga classes for a year, but after some logistic changes in my personal life I had to stop. I missed yoga since then, especially that I started suffering  from back pain again, and yoga was the only thing that healed for a long-term shot. So I gave yoga YouTube channels a shot. And honestly it is really worth a check, with the side effects of being free of charge and adaptable to eclectic plannings.

Before trying yoga at home following You tube videos, I recommend taking few class with an instructor  before, in order to avoid hurting or injuring yourself, and understanding how your body works with a professional who can adjust your poses and adapt the course to any specific problem you have (in my case a recurrent severe lower back pain).

I usually do a daily 20 to 30 minutes session in the morning before work. I am more of a morning person so I prefer doing that first thing in the day. Before bed is a good time too, to relax and soothe your body and your mind. Personally I love the energy that it gives me during the day to face my daily challenges in work, even if in the morning, flexibility is not at its top :p In the week-end if we go to the beach house, I do an hour sunset session where I can really work on my flexibility and some specific poses that I want to achieve.

Enough with the talking, here are my favorite YouTube channels, there are countless channels on YouTube depending on what you are looking for, from the fitness/ yoga to more new age kind of channels.

If you give yoga on YouTube a try, don’t be frustrated if you can’t go through beginners session, or if you find them challenging. I understand it can be a hit for the ego, but the whole philosophy of yoga is doing things at your own pace, giving it your best and not push your body too hard. Be patient and you will see results faster than you expect and achieve things you would never think your body can achieve. Use the beginners session as a goal and repeat consistently, you will see through time, the most challenging courses will become very easy.


link here

This is my go-to YouTube channel, especially the weight loss and core strength series. There are a lot of instructors in this channel, the ones I follow the most are Courtney Bell, Katrina Repman, Cindie Corbin & Erica Vetra (also a martial arts addict, which is awesome :))

Boho beautiful

link here

A gorgeous yoga instructor who is currently living in Costa Rica if I am not mistaking. She has a more strong yoga workout session. I wouldn’t recommend this channel to a total beginner, but it’s still worth a try. She posts good quality videos, really soothing and beautiful and mostly outdoors with in tropical environment.

Yoga with Adrienne

link here

If I would recommend a channel for beginners that would be the one. Adrienne has a very soft approach and guides you well through the poses execution. I also love her mantra: “Honour where you are NOW”. Meaning don’t be obsessed by getting Pinterest-worthy-shaped-poses, and focus on what makes you feel good, exactly where you are now.Even if you are not strong enough or not flexible enough, you will get to it through practice. While frustration will just lead you to quit on yourself.

Erkhart yoga

link here

I love Esther’s accent 🙂 Her videos are well explained and she is offering  different styles for all the levels. Her classes has something for everybody.

Alo Yoga

link here

The famous yoga clothing brand has a youtube channel. They have different courses of different levels done by their ambassadors from all over the world and beautifully shot in their studio in Los Angeles. Thats’s what I call a brand with an added value.

Namaste! :))




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  1. thesmilingpilgrim

    I love watching the massage videos on pyschetruth. They are so relaxing always put me to sleep!

  2. dalalyagoubi

    I never thought using massage videos as lullaby 😀 Genius!

  3. Meryem

    I tried The 30 days of yoga with Adriene as my beginner’s series. It allowed me to learn the names of different poses and be confident to try advanced sessions.
    Nice article … Namaste ??


      Yeeey I am glad girl <3

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