Friday mood: Let’s go on a road trip

Feb 17, 2017Journal, Life2 comments

In a mood for love…

I was scrolling through my Youtube liked videos, and I found this 2014 Free People campaign with Erin Wasson. This video is one of my favourite fashion campaigns ever, I love its raw, romantic and yet wild spirit. I truly want to escape reality and go on a road trip now… A much needed escape after a rough day at work.

Weekly highlights

Fortunately,  I am back to my yoga routine. It helps a lot to survive a bad day when you start it with a dedicated 20 minutes of yoga and self love. One of my best friends, gave me the most wonderful birthday presents in 2016, a cork yoga mat. I love that it’s a neutral colour and a natural base material. 
To upgrade my day I usually follow up with my favourite cup of tea first thing in the morning. Spicy teas are not for everyone, but they are my go-to drinks in the cold, very warm and comforting. Rooibos tea adds an earthy note to the spices…
My Insta stories are probably tired of featuring my Teaeve mug, but not me ? a loving gift from my one and only sister.
My afternoons this week were highlighted by a luxurious tea break: blooming flower tea that I received in new year’s eve. 

I came across a great remix of Portishead’s “Wandering star”, it reminds me of my youngest wildest years.

Stay cozy!



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  1. Aska Wolf

    Great post for Sunday hun. And Free peple ft Erin Wasson campaign was and is my all time fav street fashion campaign as well. I wrote about Erin a because her involment in various art and design spheres along with her unique personality fascinate me. Not to mentionthat I also had a pitbull. Only my Kina crossed the rainbow bridge on March the 8th last year.
    Told you your post was great Sunday read! Look how long my comment is!



      I am sorry for Kina 🙁 Thank you so much for your comment, I will definitely check what you wrote about Erin, she is such an inspiration <3

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