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Jun 22, 2018Journal

Another Friday post, another mix and match of what’s happening with me. I hope that you had amazing weeks, if not let’s all try to make the weeks to come better than the ones before…

Location: Merida

We are currently in Merida, Yucatan’s capital, to wrap up our last days in Mexico. Next stop Costa Rica! We are spending the last days relaxing a little bit, shopping for souvenirs and reflecting on our trip and our work. These days feel a little bit more like a vacation, especially that we already visited Merida and we don’t the rush to do anything except organising our next trip and working a little bit.


I tried to send some of my luggage to Morocco but it’s too expensive and not guaranteed. I donated a lot of clothes from our Riva Fashion capsule in Cuba, and only left the versatile pieces. But I still have a lot in my opinion. In the meantime, I also want fresh diverse looks for my content… decisions, decisions. Plus I need to make a room for few gifts (and Mexican bags).

Before the blog, my suitcase was much more lighter. I was eve, contemplating the “33 capsule wardrobe project”. I am having so much fun doing what I do now though and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. And I get to work with the love of my life/ best friend aka: Omar.


I received this beautiful swimsuit from Revolve. I am so happy to start working with them! I still can’t believe that this is happening!

Revolve is more on the expensive side, so my first piece is a one-piece swimsuit from TulaRosa. For three reasons. One, swimsuits are one of the items where I usually splurge more. Two, I will get much wears of it and it makes such a cute top. Three, I love Tularosa! It screams free-spirit summer-vibes. In my mind it’s associated with the days where I dreamt of this life, through the feeds of OG bloggers: Tuula Vintage, Sincerely Jules… Choosing was not easy, Tularosa pieces are all beautiful and perfect for summer.

I have the perfect location to shoot it, let’s just hope that it will not rain tomorrow, because it’s our last day in Merida…



Youtube:Β Natasha Jerjomina, a couple of travelers that spent a lot of time in Mexico just like us. I love their edits and storytelling!

Summer dress: This tropical dress from Riva Fashion: here. They started their summer sale with free shipping by the way πŸ˜‰

Matcha Kaori: I am trying to quit coffee, I will post about it this week. I want to replace it with this coco matcha blend. If it’s as clean as they claim on the website, I think that I am already hooked!

Book: Whole beauty, by Shiva Rose! A manifesto about holistic health and natural beauty and home products. Just looking at the book cover is already soothing… There is a whole chapter about cleaning the energy in your home. Remember when I made sage smudge sticks on Instagram? link


Thank you for reading this article, leave a comment if you have any thought or suggestion.

xo xo Dalal
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