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Jun 30, 2018Journal

A Friday mood article to accompany your Saturday morning coffee… My favourites of the week, deals and random tribulations!

Beach life

At risk of repeating myself, I am so happy by the beach here in Costa Rica. Our hotel La Negra, is right by the jungle path leading to the beach. It’s simple, whenever I am not working on my computer, I am at the beach! Morning walks, mid-day refreshing swims, sunset beach dates with the husband where we discuss our future plans and reflect on this amazing tumultuous year. Any excuse to go to the beach. I am perfectly happy right now!

Sirène journal

You know my love for magazines, especially in the summer while lounging at the beach. Well today I discovered a new gem: Sirène journal. It’s a magazine about everything related to the sea and the water: beaches, islands, diving, fishing, art, boats, wildlife… The cover is beautiful, minimalist meets California 70’s vintage. the kind of magazine that you collect and proudly display on your coffee table. I can’t wait to find my first piece. And the paper is made from Algae blooming in excess from lagoons at risk. What can I say? 10/10

Booking mid-year deals

If you’re last-minute like me, and didn’t plan your summer vacation yet, good news! have a mid-year sale. I always use Booking for hotel search. I am writing an article about that this week, so stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy the discounts down below:

Mid-year deals

Movie night

Correction: Movies night(s)! The first season of “Genius” serie about Albert Einstein. I’m still at the very first episodes but I am hooked. This is National Geographic’s first attempt at a scripted series and so far it’s very promising.



When I am at home in Morocco, I spend so much time dreaming about tropical fruits and destinations that I forget that my favourite fruit is actually Moroccan cherries! Moroccan cherries are delicious, I like to eat them as they are, without any recipe whatsoever, because they are really nature’s candy. But this year I am missing cherry season, and that’s okay it’s a small price to pay to explore beautiful places.

Outfit formula

I already imagine myself strolling in the streets of a small Portuguese town in this outfit… A lot of you are considering Portugal for their summer vacation by the way, and I can’t recommend it enough. I love this breezy chambray dress from American Eagle, and it’s on sale for 14 USD only!! Mango this year impressed me a lot with their bag collection, some of them are on sale too, including the tote that look like my Mexican beach bag.

Sandals: Raye / Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters / Hat: Sole Society / Dress: AEO (on sale 14 USD!!)/

Layering necklace: Urban Outfitters /Bag: Mango

Thank you for reading this article, leave a comment if you have any thought or suggestion.

xo xo Dalal
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