Friday mood and favourites

Aug 24, 2018Journal, Life


I finally feel like myself again, positive and full of motivation. Back to school energy kicking in. I truly believe that our bodies are used to a seasonal cycle of energy.

Friday movie night

The ritual: a very well executed horror movie. A mature horror movie, not the gruesome snuff trends that we’ve been witnessing in the recent years. It has no gore scenes, no major flipping twist, but a very good narrative. What it has is some amazing relatable characters, emotions, beautiful Scandinavian hiking sceneries, and a good dose of suspense, the one that gets your attention the whole time. I can only recommend!

Post of the week

I styled my new Revolve dress three ways in this post.


Upcoming post: New York haul

While Omar is working on the travel videos of our recent trip (among other projects, so be patient) , I filmed a New York haul. New York was our final destination and the only one where I could shop a little bit. And it’s… New York! Shopping is part of the city experience. I’m going to post it next week.

Go-to breakfast

A mashed avocado on a whole wheat home made bread (by mama in law), a hard boiled egg and a bowl seasonal fruits (sometimes with chia pudding). I post my breakfast daily on Instagram stories.

Content creator of the week

Gemary! I binged watched all of her video. I love everything about her universe. Aesthetics, home decor, style. This is typically the kind of fashion blogger that inspire me: bohemian chic, minimal and functional. I love her vlogging style and she’s an amazing videographer and curator. Everything she does is done with taste, intention and quality. I also love her Cuban accent!

Have a lovely weekend loves!

xo xo Dalal
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