Friday mood: longboard, loveseats & coconut bites

Dec 8, 2017Journal, Life

Beachlife visual diary…

Longboard, palm trees and blue sky! Just a regular day by the beach.

Denim jacket: Romwe / Cropped tee shirt: Romwe / Jeans: Levi’s (thrifted) similar/ Sneakers: Tommy Hilfiger

Denim jacket: Romwe / Cropped tee shirt: Romwe / Jeans: Levi’s (thrifted) similar/ Sneakers: Tommy Hilfiger


In the spirit of the season and the coziness, I decided to make something sweet to avoid any temptation outside. Adding to that, we don’t live in the city anymore so we don’t have that much of eating out options. That’s reason enough to get creative in the kitchen… So I decided to make small bites to go with our afternoon tea or coffee. And since I am coco for coconuts, and Bounty bars were my favourite sweets when I was a child, I looked for a healthy version on Pinterest.

I picked this recipe: coconut bounty balls and arranged it a little bit. I used chocolate bars instead of cocoa powder, and I just added some water and a tea spoon of coconut oil to the melting chocolate. The goal was to have a ganache instead of a crunchy chocolate, because I wanted to make tartlets using a silicone mold. I also added chia seeds to the coconut mixture to make sure it holds up.

This blog, Vanilla Crush is just amazing, it became one of my go-to for cooking inspiration. There’s a downloadable free e-book if you are looking for healthy, vegan ideas. Honestly, it’s the best free content I’ve ever found on a blog: pictures, detailed instructions and a lot of recipes made with love.

Enough with babbling, here are my coconut bites. Even my husband loved them and he’s not a big fan of coconut. Chocolate and coconut is a heavenly combo. It seriously reminds me of an old Bounty ad, I travel to a tropical island at each bite :p

Interior design

This one is a bit silly, especially for native english-speakers…

Our friends gave us a two-seats sofa. While scrolling on Pinterest, I discovered that a two-seats sofa is called a LOVESEAT. I find the word so sweet and poetic and I’ve been annoying everyone around me with that . Well, initially loveseats are the S shaped sofas where the two parties face each other. But in the current common language it just became the name of every two seats or small sofa. Doesn’t it make you want to cuddle?

Again sorry for the native english speakers wondering why this girl is getting excited over a sofa!

Picture from Apartment therapy

It’s the weekend, don’t forget to have fun!

xo xo Dalal
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