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Jun 17, 2018Journal

Hello loves, writing this one from beautiful Izamal in Mexico, I hope that you read this blog entry with a quiet Sunday morning coffee. I know it’s a Friday mood, but the article was already written and I am just having access to internet now to publish it :-)) I hope that you will still enjoy it. Here is a recap of the week:

Movie night

The dressmaker with Kate Winslet…

Amazing cinematic shots, gorgeous visuals, a captivating story and quirky characters. But the ending is a little bit on the weak side. It should explain why the movie was not a hit, but it’s still an amazing piece to watch on your movie night this week.


Likemary travelwear

Last year I did a collaboration with Likemary and an interview with Nicky the founder: Here. Nicky is an avid traveler and became an internet friend since the collaboration. I love how she thinks her lines for travellers but without compromising on a timeless style. It’s an ethical brand with reasonable prices (which is very rare) and the quality is outstanding. I will still get a lot of wear from my pieces this summer. Here are my favourites from the latest collection.

Shop here

Skin & hair care

Traveling long term is very different from a vacation. After two months in the sun, I realised that I should take more care of my hair and skin and implement a regimen on the go, hence my article last Sunday: Here.

I am experimenting on American products, easily available in Mexico.  So I am giving those two brands a try. Both are cruelty-free, with a natural ingredients base and free from harmful chemicals:

Freemans sheet masks

Maui moisture shampoo and conditionner

…While trying to put my Fré SPF daydream regularly



On the same “traveling long term is very different from a vacation” topic, it’s important for me to stay on the healthy side on the-go. The first weeks in Mexico city, I was still on vacation mode splurging and acting out of my usual way of eating. Exactly like I do while on a vacation. But after being sick for a few days, I realised that I should go back to the good habits asap. We also try to have access to a kitchen in our stays or at least to have a fridge in our room. So I am regularly stocking : local pecan nuts (delicious), dried fruits, apple cider vinegar, coconut and olive oils, chia seeds, oatmeal, vegan milk, rice, beans, spices and… Tajin, the favourite Mexican seasoning, article about Tajin coming up this week. And the first thing I do when we change destinations is to go the market to buy fruits and vegetables.

Instagram and inspiration

Last week I wrote an article about inspiration or the lack of it: here. I am happy that I got my mojo back and I found a balance between being in the present moment in my travels, creating content and working on side projects.

Although the recent Instagram algorithm can be a little discouraging, I saw a major drop in my engagement and I feel like my posts are hidden. By the way, on my feed, I am only seeing people with a huge following and I sometimes miss posts from my favourite creators. But let’s not focus on the numbers and keep a positive mindset shall we? …

Thank you for reading this article, leave a comment if you have any thought or suggestion.

xo xo Dalal
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