Friday mood post: Blog post or newsletter?

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Hi guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Friday mood post. Surprisingly, those are the most read in the blog. I was thinking about making a newsletter out of them. Kind of a weekly round up inspiration, along with the editorial schedule of the week.

What do you think? Blog post or newsletter?

Please don’t be shy and don’t think that other readers will do the job. Help me decide! This way I can create content in the most enjoyable format for you. 

I really enjoy writing the Friday mood posts, it’s the space where I can mix and match whatever comes to me at the given moment and get to share what’s happening in the week. The basic idea was to give you reading material and inspiration for the weekend. So they are here to stay! In what format? It all depends on your feedback!

In all cases, there will be a newsletter. So don’t forget to subscribe

Weekly Youtube crush


My Instagram friends are probably tired of it haha! One of my birthday gifts was a longboard and I am having a lot of fun with it. I even learnt how to carve a little bit. The progress will be soon documented…

Meanwhile I am obsessed with this Youtube video. The sliding style, the fashion, the music… everything is perfect and well executed! Starring the Korean internet sensation Ko Hyojoo. She makes longboarding look so smooth and easy… well let me tell you it’s not! It looks out of this world, I really love it, it’s poetry in motion! This is officially my mood-booster from now on.

Mellow magazine, ma vie en mieux

There is something magical about paper, it makes the content more valuable and less “disposable”. I want to make it last as much as possible. I literally grew up with magazines, it’s probably what made me a dreamer.

While I love blogs and binging on Bloglovin articles, I still enjoy paper magazines. Especially on the beach, it’s much more relaxing than reading on a tablet. Whenever we are are going to spend a weekend at the beach, I stop at the book store. I was about to buy a Cosmopolitan, mostly for their amazing fashion editorials when I stumbled upon this magazine. I immediately fell for it, the name, the tagline, the soothing pastel colours and obviously the content. “Ma vie en mieux” translates as “my better life”.

The french magazine is brand new, this was their second issue. It’s exclusively in french for the moment, but I hope they will work on an English version. It’s a lifestyle magazine in the same branch as “Happinez” and “Flow“. If you are interested in wellness, a slow lifestyle, healthy living, travel and art, go grab your own. For my friends in Rabat, I got it here.

13 reasons why

Due to a back injury, I had to stay in bed for more than 24h. Making the best out of any situation, I decided to start the Netflix sensation: 13 reasons why.

It’s an American drama-mystery web television series based on the 2007 novel Thirteen Reasons Why. Basically the plot is a high school girl killed herself and we discover the 13 reasons why she did it, through 13 vintage tapes. The episodes rhythm is based on the tapes, every episode is actually a tape Face A or Face B. Which is very smart and creative in my opinion and that’s what got me into the series.

Prepare to be addicted! The intrigue is well written and once you start you can’t stop watching. So if you don’t have 13 hours ahead of you, pass your way. At the end of each episode you will crave to know what happens next or how x, y and z are involved?…

The mystery part is a success!

It was a mix of Pretty little liars and the horror movie Unfriended.

The drama part though…

Of course, mental illness is a serious issue, as equally as blaming a bunch of teenagers for a girl’s suicide, or presenting suicide as a form of revenge. Sometimes it get ridiculous, basically anyone who crossed the path of this girl is somehow responsible. They like to repeat: “We all killed Hannah Baker” (dramatic voice). No, Hannah Baker killed herself period! Mostly because she has a mental illness and needed help. All the characters blamed for her suicide have struggles of their own (exception made for the last one, I won’t say no more!).

But suicide is absolutely not a solution!!

The series raise some interesting debates though, on cyber-bullying, slut-shaming, bullying in general, sexism, rape… And yes, teenagers are a very cruel specie, bullying can do serious damages. But I felt like they made everyone a complice the girl’s suicide, even the audience, instead of addressing the real issue: Mental illness! Human nature is instinctively resilient, people heal from much worse traumas. So the real question is clearly NOT WHO is responsible of the self-made decision of suicide.

Kate Walsh (the girl’s mother) performance is outstanding and soul crushing! Studies states that the loss of a child is the worst known, let alone the suicide of a child. The pain portrayed by the parents can give perspective to people with suicidal thoughts. The kind of perspective that makes you think about the people who love you, and what suicide can to do to them.

To summarize, it’s a very entertaining show that keeps you hooked. Worth watching but a bit heavy on drama and sends mixed messages in my opinion. Apparently there is a season 2 in the making, that’s good news because they left a lot of loose ends in the last episode.

I had to watch something light-hearted right after to wash up the drama… so, I put myself to sleep with Peter Pan ?

If you watched the show, let me know what you think of it ⬇️

By the way, thank you all for the love and support on my Life update post. It’s a dream coming true. And knowing that it inspires you somehow is really a great bonus. I can’t wait to start the journey and share it all with you <3

xo xo Dalal



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  1. Nour

    Je trouve qu’un blogpost c’est mieux.

  2. Sabina

    I love your picks for this Friday Mood post. I’d really like to watch the show, and hopefully I’ll start to do so this weekend! 🙂 xo

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

  3. Katie Burry

    I just found your blog and I really love it! I’m going to subscribe on Bloglovin’

    Also it’s so funny that you’re debating changing your weekly round up into a newsletter because I’ve been considering starting a weekly round up newsletter! Great minds and all that… 😉

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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