Happy new year 2017!

Dec 31, 2016Life2 comments

Happy new year lovelies!! May this year be the one of your personal fulfillment and happiness.

While many see 2016 as a “tough year”, I see it as a year of transition. A lot of changes and shifts happened in my life and in the lives of people around me. I like to believe this was a preparation year for the good to come.

This time I am not going to make any resolution whatsoever. I made enough decisions and changes during the year and I am truly inspired by this book: The Surrender experiment, to just let go and let the events flow. This does surely not mean being lazy and wait for life to happen, instead of working a way to achieve our goals. Do your best, be more aware of the fears and the things keeping you from going forward, and leave the rest.  Those following me on social media knows what I am talking about.

I will always remember 2016 as the year when I launched my blog. And for that I am forever grateful! Thank you for your support, and happy new year. I hope we will continue this journey together for as long as we can.

2017 welcome! ???




  1. Nour

    Happy New Year! Wish u all the best fot this new year :-*

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