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Warning: Once you’ll try home made granola you won’t be able to eat store bought granola anymore!!

You’ve been warned, now let’s proceed…

I am always hesitant in sharing recipes in here even if you ask for them a lot on Instagram stories. For one and simple reason: I almost never follow a recipe! Not that I am snob-creative-being-too-rebellious to follow a step-by-step guide, but I am just lazy, and I believe cooking should be easy and casual. If I have to run to a grocery store each time I cook a meal, I’ll end up ordering in that’s for sure. So, usually I improvise with what I have at home and make sure to have some staples in my pantry for that. It’s becomes easier once you have your go-to recipes. But before getting creative in the kitchen,  you need to try the basic recipe at least once. In order to  understand the chemistry of the ingredients and be able to substitute one with another adapting flavours to your taste. In every recipe, there are the necessary ingredients that makes the texture and other ones that are just here for the extra sparkling effect.

Genius anatomy of a recipe

Now that we are clear about me not a recipe snob, here is the smartest infographic ever for home made granola. This Pin describes exactly the mindset of “not following a recipe”, but understand how a recipe works and imagine infinite versions of it. The infographic from “Bodminsou” is so perfect that I thought I’d share it instead of mumbling my own adaptable recipe.

You can find it on my Pinterest board: Healthy recipes, follow it for more inspiration from all over the web. I am a huge Pinner!

Infographic by Bodminsou

How I use granola

Home made granola is so tasty, crunchy, rich and easy to make without any additional refined sugar or chemicals that can be found (hidden) in the store bought products. I usually use granola for breakfast or snacks :

  • Over smoothie bowls
  • Layered in a breakfast parfait (like in the picture below) with chia pudding or a yogurt
  • Like cereals with non-dairy milk topped with sliced fruits
  • Over a yogurt for an afternoon snack
  • Plain in a small box as a snack if I go out


Chia seed pudding (recipe here)/ home made granola / bananas/ kiwis (vegan friendly)

xo xo Dalal
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