Hotel hacienda Santo Domingo in Izamal

Jun 24, 2018America, Travel

Hello loves,

We just left the beautiful yellow town of Izamal. The highlight of our time there was probably our stay in Hacienda Santo Domingo. A real Mexican hacienda turned into a hotel. The owner Harald is from Austria and he was an avid traveler as well, he lived so many adventures in his mobile home/ truck and we had a great time hearing about his adventures around the world.

I honestly wasn’t expecting that much from our stay, because the website and the pictures don’t do this place justice. The property is huge and kept all the eco-friendly features of a hacienda, adding solar panels. You can find all kinds of animals, plants and trees from Yucatan in the Hacienda, in addition to the eleven dogs, sheep and pigs.

What I love the most, is how new meets old and how everything is locally crafted. The beautiful open showers are built around Mayan rocks and the waste water from the shower keeps the vegetal wall alive. Such an amazing idea! The horse stables are still there, along with wells, and a secret cenote cave left from Mayan times.

The breakfast is amazing, my favourite combo: fruits & eggs! And the pool is so welcomed when you get back from a full morning of sight-seeing in the heat. The property is located 10-15 min walk in foot from Plaza de la Constitucion.

Meanwhile, I really recommend this place if you go to Yucatan. Izamal is just one hour away from Merida and a lot of other points of interests. So it’s a good idea to avoid over-touristic areas and experience a unique stay.

Staying in a Hacienda in Izamal is an experience that I will always remember…

I loved the hacienda-life so much, we just need to create a little bit of drama now to make a telenovela plot. I don’t know about you, but in Morocco we grew up with Mexican telenovelas on TV, so this place brings out a lot of childhood memories for me. We are having a lot of fun with Omar faking telenovelas dramatic scenarios :-))) Especially near the horses stables.

Izamal city guide is probably my most requested. Don’t worry, I will write more detailed city guides of of all of our adventures. I am taking notes of everything in my travel journal to make sure I don’t forget a thing. As for right now I am just sharing raw impressions and emotions and I hope that you are enjoying sharing those moments with me.

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Thank you for reading this article, leave a comment if you have any thought or suggestion.

xo xo Dalal
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