How to tone down a metallic pleated skirt?

Jan 16, 2017Fashion, Style7 comments

Hello everyone,

Here is a last outfit before my trip.

As a huge fan of metallics, I am so glad they are on trend right now.The metallic pleated skirt is a hot  2016-2017  trend. If you are looking for an easy statement piece in your wardrobe, this skirt is the way to go.

The styling possibilities are endless: Casual with sneakers for an off duty feel, dressed with a blazer for work or glamorous with heels and a cute top.

My skirt is actually a dress hidden by the sweatshirt. I bought it in H&M few years ago #avantgarde. The asymmetric cut of the bottom is beautiful and unique.

I just hope the trend will not reach the point where I am fed up with it. So, here is how I styled the pleated skirt. Needless to say I prefer the off duty casual look…

Otherwise, I keep changing my wishlist for the winter sale haul. I try to keep it to a minimum, but I want to invest in interesting fashionable pieces to show you on the blog. In addition to that, packing diverse winter outfits in a carry-on for two weeks is a challenge, apparently it’s very cold in Europe and coats and sweaters are bulky. It was much easier to pack before I had the blog, I wasn’t accountable to wear diverse outfits everyday haha!

Anyway, I just need to sit and plan outfits instead of options and choose versatile pieces and strategic coats. My tip is to photograph the outfit on my phone and plan ahead my daily outfits. I also need to plan around what I will buy. Wish me luck!

Have a great week <3






  1. Nour

    Comme je comprend ton dilemme de la valise de la bloggueuse !! Courage!
    Je n’ai toujours pas trouvé la jupe lamé de mes rêves! Faut que j’en profite pendant les soldes.


  2. Amanda

    Love the way you paired the skirt with the sweatshirt!

  3. Jessica

    Both you and the outfit is gorgeous!

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