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Jun 10, 2018Life

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Sundays are for walks in the nature, family time, brunches, meal preps, baths & masks.

Sundays are about reseting our energy preparing for a successful productive week.

One of the reasons why I love slow travel, is that I can incorporate my routines everywhere and take time for myself to read, meditate, do yoga, a tea ritual…Especially now, that we also have to work on the go.

My self-care routines are pretty simple, even at home. And with our current nomadic living they are even more minimalistic.

All the senses

I love stimulating multiple senses. TOUCH: with a cozy bath or massage. SMELL: insence, scented candles or papier d’arménie, my favourite right now. Added to the smell of lavender essential oil that I put in my bath to relax. SOUND: with a soft music on my phone which is on plane mode (I insist!), I also love singing, reciting affirmations and as for now, reading Spanish magazines out loud to practice. SIGHT: surrounded by a pretty clutter-free environment, a magazine in hand to reset my inspiration. TASTE: depending on the season and the mood, either a smoking cup of tea or a very cold infused water to rehydrate.

Travel self-care ritual

Before I settle into my cocoon, I take a shower to wash my weekly coconut oil hair mask. I finish with a coconut & sugar scrub.Gently rubbing a mix of sugar and coconut oil on my face and body. I use the sugar served with my coffees that that I collect for that purpose either at home or while traveling since I never sweeten my drinks.

Ideally I would have a bath at disposition! Otherwise I sit on a cozy sofa and make a hot foot bath with coconut oil and lavender essential oil, doing just the same ritual.

Natural face masks

At home I put on a natural face mask made of: white clay, milk, rose water and honey. But while traveling, I am considering sheet masks for those moments and to nourish my skin during flights. Especially with all the sun damage that I inflicted to my skin. Because I have a decent amount of melanin, I rarely get sunburnt… So I’m still very bad with putting SPF I must admit. I don’t mind the laughing lines that are starting to form on my face, I wear them proudly as a token of living a happy life. It’s more about my skin health and ….self-care.

I am considering this brand of sheet masks if it’s available in Mexico, unless you have a better suggestion!

I’m all ears 🙂

More natural face masks recipes:

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Homemade manicure & pedicure

After the bath, I rinse the masks and the oils, preferably with cold water (if I’m brave!). The very last step is a simplified manicure and pedicure now that the dead skin is softened by the bath. I simply exfoliate with my coco-sugar scrub, I cut the edges and the dead skin, moisturise and apply my nail polish. You know my nail polishes palette by now, it’s the one that I use at home and when I travel. I’ve been buying the same brand and the same colours for years: Flormar. It’s affordable, pigmented and the texture is very easy to apply and stay liquid for a long time.

White, sand, burgundy, cherry red & dusty pink


After that, I feel rested, recharged and confident enough to start the week to come.

I have a confession though! Since I am freelancing now, this ritual doesn’t necessarily happen on a Sunday…


I hope that this article makes you want to jump in a bath right now for a very well deserved and unplugged you-time. I made a mood board down below that you can pin or print to remind yourself of that.



Thank you for reading this article, leave a comment if you have any thought or suggestion.

xo xo Dalal
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