Life Update: Motherhood & Beyond

May 14, 2024Life0 comments

Hi everyone!

Where have I been?

For those who have been following along, you might be wondering where I’ve disappeared to these past few years. Remember back in 2017 when I quit my corporate job and embarked on a journey filled with travel, creativity, and living life with intention? Those were some incredible years, documenting adventures and connecting with inspiring souls around the world.

But life, as it does, takes unexpected turns.

Remember that time my phone disappeared in Cambodia? (Little did I know, it was a sign of things to come!) That involuntary digital detox was a beautiful reminder of the power of real-life connection.

Then came 2020. We all know the story. What was supposed to be a work trip to California turned into a six-month stint. My freelance hustle morphed into a thriving agency (shoutout to Kreedns!), and while it was exciting, it also led me straight to burnout city.

In the midst of all that client content, the well for my own creativity ran dry. I missed the joy of creating and sharing the connections we built here.

But the biggest adventure was yet to come: motherhood. My journey wasn’t easy, and even now, a year and a half later, I’m still learning to navigate this beautiful, messy chapter.

We moved back to Morocco, welcoming our son, Hadi, in my beloved Rabat. Those nesting months were a whirlwind – 9 months pregnant, moving apartments, and navigating the unknowns of parenthood.

As a business owner, “maternity leave” wasn’t exactly an option. Thankfully, I had a phenomenal support system – my sister and doula were lifesavers, my amazing team, Hadi’s grandmas and of course my husband and partner in life Omar.

So, here’s the honest truth: creating content just wasn’t in the cards. But I missed it – the connection, the creativity, the act of documenting beautiful memories. And let’s be real, scrolling back through old photos brings back some serious wanderlust!

There’s a beautiful saying in Morocco: “كيجيو برزقهم” – meaning babies and children arrive with their own share of abundance and good news for the family. And oh boy, was that ever true for us!

Just a few months after welcoming our son, Hadi, a miracle happened – our Canadian immigration file was approved! It felt like a cosmic wink, a sign that this new chapter was meant to be.

Leaving our cozy nest in Rabat with a 9-month-old was bittersweet. But the excitement of building a life as a family in Canada, with my favorite people by my side, was undeniable. Hadi truly is our little lucky charm. We celebrated baby’s first birthday in Ottawa.

This is a vulnerable moment, but I also struggled with body image after giving birth. This body carried a miracle, and it’s still on this incredible journey of transformation.


But it’s time to embrace the new me, brave and authentic as ever. So, here I am, ready to get back to creating, connecting, and sharing a glimpse into my life as a mamapreneur, wife, and global citizen.

Welcome back to those who’ve been here all along, and a huge hello to the new faces joining us!

Stay tuned for more adventures, inspiration, and a whole lot of real talk. This is just the beginning of our Canadian adventure, and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Stay tuned for the next chapter!


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