My corporate life is over! I quit my job to travel…

May 1, 2017Life16 comments

Major life transition…

I was waiting to say this for a while: My corporate career is over and I will give blogging and freelancing a real shot…

I have been working in sales and marketing for almost 9 years in a corporate environment. In my heart, I always knew that this was not the life nor the career for me. But I am very grateful for this experience, and the people I met in this journey. Now I will just keep the best out of it and leave the rest. It wasn’t the job that was wrong, I was just restless and ready for a new adventure and a more balanced life. The corporate ladder is not for me anymore.

What’s next? Travel the world!

My husband and I have been talking for a while about doing a round the world travel.  If we don’t do it now it will be hard to do it later, so we want to plan this as soon as possible. Not being the most organised people in the world, we still don’t have an itinerary, but I will sure document the whole process on the blog: Preparation, rough itinerary, packing…

I can’t believe it’s happening the year I am turning 30. I feel like the universe is supporting our project.


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

How to quit your job to travel?


Whatever my salary, I have never lived pay check to pay check. I learnt from my dear mother that “savings are a girl’s best friend” (not diamonds), and we hate loans in the family. This is how I was always able to travel and live exciting adventures. I never deprived my self, but I am definitely not a spendthrift. The thing is I know myself enough to take balanced financial decisions. I know when to save and I know when to splurge. Life is a balancing act in all its aspects.

Adding to that, we didn’t decide to travel the world overnight, so we have been extra saving for almost a year to achieve this dream.

How to earn an income with blogging?

Affiliate programs

If you noticed the disclaimer at the bottom of my blog posts, I talk about affiliate links. So affiliate links are the most important revenue income on a blog, when you click on a link on my blog and purchase an item, I make a small commission at no additional fee for you. Basically, you purchase products you like while rewarding your favourite content makers for free.

When I learnt how affiliation works, I always made sure to look for a link at one of my favourite bloggers, before buying anything online. I was going to buy anyway, if I can participate in making an entrepreneur life easier at no additional fee, why not.

Of course, I only choose products I genuinely like and use. Here are some of the programs I am part of:





Blue Host


If you buy something from those websites through my link, I make a small commission at no extra fees for you.


As you may know, brands pay bloggers and content creators, either to review their products or to endorse them. How great it is to be paid to test or use your favourite products? As long as the blog doesn’t start to look like a supermarket’s flyer.

I only work with brands that I genuinely love. The collaboration also needs to match the values of my blog and be relevant to my content. I refused several collaborations because of that, it will not be beneficial neither for me nor the brand, and trust me it is very tempting to say yes especially when you’re a new blogger like me. Again like affiliation, I put myself in the reader’s shoes before considering any partnership. I picture it like when I recommend a new product that I’m excited about to my close friends.

Digital nomad skills to work anywhere

I am also planning to take some freelance jobs on the go, this is what I can do for now

Digital marketing consultant

Social media manager

Content creator

Translator: Arabic, French & English

Travel writer


Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in Bali

 Now that my working-girl time is over, I can live the bohemian beach lifestyle I have been dreaming of. So expect a lot of boho fashion, wanderlust posts, surf, yoga, holistic habits, adventures, healthy recipes, personal growth… all of me.

It’s going to be yet another “I quit my job to travel the world” story, but are we getting enough of these? Personally I am never tired of inspiring travel diaries and I am very grateful to live in an era where those dreams are possible.

So, all the dreamers, travellers, boho souls and believers, I hope you will enjoy following me in this journey. If you have any country recommendation for the round trip, any insight or tip please leave a comment, and above all wish me luck.

Who knows, maybe we can meet somewhere in the world ?

xo xo


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  1. silvia

    This is really great, best of luck with this new chapter of your life! Can’t wait to see your adventures around the world xoxo

  2. Riley

    I’m truly hoping I can reach this point within the next couple years of my life. I’ve been lucky enough to travel so much already but to be able to do it as a career and experience different cultures everyday is something I strive for. Great post. Can’t wait to follow your journey


      Thank you so much, it means a lot <3 I hope you will be able to live your dream too.

  3. Katisha @ Reel Literature

    Good luck on your adventures, this is so amazing!! And I totally agree…I never get tired of hearing stories about people who were able to quit the 9-5 grind and travel the world and live their dreams!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Charlie

    Wow – best of luck on your adventures!! How exciting! Am sure that it will make inspirational blogging fodder 🙂 Charlie x

  5. Kristin

    Girl, you are goals! That is what I want to do in the next few years. I currently travel with my remote job, but blogging and freelancing full time is what I’d like to do! Thanks for this and I’ll definitely be following along! I hope you can follow me back too. 🙂


  6. Kristin @ Camels & Chocolate

    Congratulations on this huge life change! I went freelance nearly 10 years ago (so as long as you’ve been in the corporate world!) and was terrified of living paycheck-to-paycheck and yet my bank account has never run dry. You can do this!

    • justdalal

      Thank you for the support <3

  7. Jenny

    How exciting! I quit my corporate job in January to work myself full time and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

    • justdalal

      It’s so liberating yet a bit frightening I must admit <3

  8. Chastity

    This is wonderful congrats to you on this new venture. I think it’s a wonderful idea. Enjoy every moment and capture your experience with plenty of pictures and video ?

    • justdalal

      Thank you so mcuh, I will do my best to share those beautiful moments <3


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