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Dec 25, 2017Europe, Travel

Madrid is a top shopping destination and the perfect place to find a cool second-hand outfit, antique books, vintage home furnishings or retro toys. Thrifting and getting inspired in the coolest vintage stores is my favourite thing to do in Madrid, especially around Malasaña.  It’s one of the major districts of the Spanish capital, and by far my favourite! I dedicated a whole article to it : here.

Unlike Paris and Berlin where vintage clothing became so hype, that the prices went crazy,  Madrid kept the fair pricing part of thrift shopping. Here’s a list of the best flea markets, second-hand shops and thrift stores in Madrid where you can hunt for original and unique items.

It would do good to your looks, your wallet and the planet! What’s not to like?


The shortcut

No this is not a hype vintage store name, it’s a real shortcut to have a taste of vintage shopping in a very short amount of time. If you’re in a hurry or just curious, head directly to Calle Velarde in Malasana. There are at least three or four stores in this street alone. So let’s start with those and continue along…


Alphaville, Calle Velarde, 16

Lately, Alphaville has become a temple of retro fashion and one of the top vintage stores in the city. Here you’ll find a wide variety of American-style clothes – jackets and baseball jackets, cowboy boots, basketball shirts… It’s decorated with everything cool, books, posters and old records. From Grease-esque jackets to cowboy boots and denim, it has clothes to suit every iconic American look of the past 60 years.

Price range: Fair prices starting 10€, levi’s pants are priced from 20€ to 30€

La Mona Checa

La Mona Checa, Calle Velarde, 2

I talked about this shop in my Malasana article. It’s the one decorated like a vintage circus, a really amazing experience. Here, you’ll find lots of second-hand denim, sweaters, trousers and skirts, as well as the occasional handbag along with locally designed cool jewellery and an awesome collection of sunglasses at 20€ (anti UV).

Price range: Fair prices to mid-range


Galipo, Calle Velarde, 2

If you are looking for cool denim brands, this is the place to go. Levi’s, Lee, Pepe jeans, Cheap Monday… They also have a great collection of vintage cow boy boots.
Price range: Fair prices 25-30€

Magpie Vintage

Magpie Vintage, Calle Velarde, 3

This store is such a cool place to get lost in the past and find some treasures (their articles are regularly lent out for film and television shoots). With a huge range of clothing, handbags, jewellery and sunglasses, all displayed in a beautifully decorated shop.

Price range: Mid to high range (thanks to TV business I guess)


Williamsburg, Calle Velarde, 4

Named after the neighbourhood in Brooklyn (New York). They offer a variety of unique pieces, cute accessories, and vintage silk kimonos. The owners are very passionate about vintage clothing and can be of a good help if you ask them.

Price range: Mid-range

Dosde market

Dosde market, Calle San Andrés, 27

If you’re a book rat, make sure you pay a visit to DOSDE Market. It takes place in plaza Dos de Mayo and packs its stalls every Saturday in spring and autumn. The weekly market is also a life-size Craiglist, where anyone can sell second-hand belongings or handmade objects.

El divan de Coco

This is the place to find second hand designer items, selected, treated and beautifully displayed. The shop is very cute, but mostly offers clothes from the 50’s which is not really my jazz.

Price range: Mid-range/ expensive if it’s a designer item


Flamingo Vintage Kilo

Flamingo Vintage Kilo, Calle del Espíritu Santo 1

Already a popular concept in Paris, Flamingo Vintage Kilo has several branches around Spain, with many shops in Barcelona and two locations in Madrid’s Malasaña neighbourhood. You literally pay your clothes per kilo. Just pick what you like, weigh and pay. The items they offer are cool and diverse with a lot of articless from the 70’s (my favourite fashion era).

I find the concept very original, but I must admit that i’s not how I like shopping. I love to know exactly what I have to pay. Actually there are scales where you can weigh your clothes and pretty much guess what they cost according to a colour system… but I find that a little bit confusing. Yeah, I’m lazy like that!

Price range: mid-range 35€ per kilo, on average

El Templo de Susu

El Templo de Susu, Calle del Espíritu Santo, 1

Unlike many hipster vintage shops in the area, El Templo de Susu has a much more hard rock/ goth aesthetic. The first thing you’ll see is a Harley Davidson parked in the entrance. Think ’60s and ’70s rock T-shirts, leather jackets and boots, a great stop for anyone who’s a rocker at heart.

Price range: Fair prices starting 10€


Link to the location of all the stores in Spain

Humana is an NGO who collects and sells used clothing in order to fund numerous humanitarian projects. There are multiple Humana shops all over Europe. You will mostly find articles from high street brands such as Zara, H&m etc…But you can find the occasional Levi’s and real vintage pieces sometimes. In Spain’s Humanas you can also thrift Massimo Dutti articles for really cheap prices, since it’s a Spanish brand (yep, not Italian :-))

If you want to donate clothes for a good cause, you can do so at the stores or locate the donation bins on their website:

Price range: Affordable


Aramayo vintage, Calle Hernán Cortés, 14

This one is the one I raided this time. I bought two vintage levi’s jeans, a gorgeous floral skirt, a shirt and a pair of sunglasses. The store is big enough so you don’t feel confined and they have a changing room. Most importantly, the decor is so stylish a mix of scandinavian, bohemian, and vintage. I love it! Just like la Mona Checa, they also have a selection of amazing anti UV sunglasses at 20€ and a lot of local designers jewellery.

Price range: Mid-range levi’s pants 25-30€ , skirt 15, shirt 20€

El Rastro

El Rastro, Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores

The biggest and most popular weekly flea market in Madrid, tourists and locals flock to the vibrant La Latina neighbourhood on Sunday mornings to hunt for bargains. Apart from thrift clothes you can find, handcrafted creations, decoration from all over the world, bohemian articles from India, jewellery, cowboy boots… This is a picture from my article: “How to Spend a Sunday like a local in Madrid?”

La casa vertical

La casa vertical Calle Imperial, 14

This one is not vintage, but it’s such a cool boutique for bohemian exotic finds. Most of them seem to come from India and are made of quality fabrics and leather. I bought a pair of linen striped palazzo pants at 20€ .

Price range: Affordable

Simonetta by me

Simonetta by me,Calle de Cea Bermúdez, 48

I fell in love with this store. Their concept is the perfect balance of bohemian and contemporary style. You can find everything casual chic:  clothes, bags, shoes, belts… and how cute is their display, right?

Price range: Mid-range


Link to the location of all the shops in Madrid

I love Natura! It reminds me of “Nature & découvertes” in France. The brand offers a fusion of articles from International inspiration for all the travellers, the bohemians, the artists, the eco-conscious, the adventurous… Anything from clothing, to backpacks, decor, nightwear, massage oils, cosmetics, incense, candles… All fairly produced with a reasonable pricing. The stores are decorated in pastel colours, wood and plants for a very soothing atmosphere. For me it’s the perfect place to find cute and original gifts to take back from your trip.

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