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Feb 21, 2018 | Life |

During our Fré skincare job (click here) I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most inspiring ladies ever: Talia Sutra.

She’s one of Fré’s famous ambassadors and her vouching for an upcoming company, already says a lot about her. She works with Free People, Alo Yoga and a numerous huge companies. She could’ve overlooke new companies like Fré, but she met the founders and loved their vision … and the product obviously and went for it. I can tell that she goes with her intuition a lot. I am not surprised, Fré skincare is an amazing company with amazing products, I’ve been seduced myself. But you get my point!

Talia is a yoga instructor, a writer, an artist and for me a muse. Just look at her Instagram, her poses are more of a work of art, for each pose she talks about the journey and the empowerment behind it. I saw her doing her magic live, and it’s truly fascinating. She doesn’t even have to stretch or prepare, she just does her magic naturally and makes it look so easy.

I asked her to take yoga pictures with her, and she was kind enough to work with my imperfect asanas. I thought that it would be intimidating to practice with someone like her, but she knows how to put you into ease. She’s an experienced instructor and has the necessary empathy to deal with non-flexible awkward tall bodies like mine. She even offered me an Alo Yoga legging that I cherish like a treasure and a motivational token during my yoga practice.

But above her physical and artistic aptitude I loved her mindset. One of acceptance and empowerment, I had an immense pleasure sharing conversations with her between rushed photoshoots and breast-feeding sessions… because she’s a mommy! That’s impressive how she balances all that out. Talia has an amazing aura that exudes confidence but not arrogance. I saw right away that she’s a woman who knows who she is and what she wants from life. And those are the assets that make people charismatic in my opinion.

Omar and I saved money and prepared a lot to be able to only work on projects that inspire us or with people that inspire us. This was definitely one of those projects. I really hope we will have more of those inspiring encounters.

You can follow Talia on Instagram for daily inspiration. If you have the occasion to attend one of her retreats somewhere in the world, do it. Don’t hesitate! Meanwhile she has videos on Alo Yoga‘s Youtube channel and more of her spirit and universe on her website: Love and all is coming.

I can’t help but love women who support women. That’s something I’ve always envied in our male counterparts, the solidarity spirit. I unfortunately notice a lot of negative behaviours and silly grudges held between women, while we need to stick together and support one another above all.

“Empowered women, empower women”



Trying to Talia Sutra…. FAIL!

xo xo Dalal
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