Modern cow-girl and a vintage buckle belt

Feb 20, 2017Fashion, Style4 comments

I wanted a vintage buckle belt for a while. It’s the perfect accessory to achieve a bohemian style. This one will be on a heavy rotation. I got mine for 8 USD at Shein, and you can hardly tell it’s faux-leather. 

Come with me for a little escape on the country side, where everything is slow and soothing. It’s on the Bouznika road in Morocco. The cactus in the pictures is actually the Barbary fig one, that gives the delicious organic fruits and a miraculous anti-ageing oil.

We had to work fast that day, there was four seasons in one day… it was pouring rain then shining sun in about minutes. It was worth it as the after rain skies are the most beautiful.







“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them.

-Carrie Bradshaw” ― Candace Bushnell

I hope you will enjoy this post, let me know from what part of the world are you?



Faux fur vest: Thrifted/ Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Vintage buckle belt: Shein / Jeans: American Eagle / Bag: Thrifted / Sunnies: Vintage / Jewellery: Moroccan Souk / Boots: River Island






  1. Aska Wolf

    Great post babe! Great pics and love the way you used SATC quote here!


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