A perfect Saturday morning in Rabat Morocco

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Rabat is my native city and lifetime love. I grew up in it, fell in love with and in it, and literally fell in it sometimes. Today’s photos are a little bit different. My real, raw, greyscale, off-duty, non-contoured and makeup-free Rabat.

While there are other very modern neighbourhoods like Hay Riad, the city center kept its eclectic vintage charm.

My typical Saturday morning in Rabat starts with a breakfast at Top Batido. Followed by a long walk in the empty streets. I love munching on various street foods, spending time in second-hand book shops, seeking treasures in Joutia and just enjoying every bit of this unique neighbourhood.

Cinema Royal was my favourite when I was a child. In this theater I saw the lion king and Titanic for the first time.

…A time where there was no Netflix nor any VOD. A time when whenever  we saw a movie, we tried to capture as many scenes and memories as possible because we don’t get to watch it whenever I want.

My heart breaks when I see family shops like one this struggling. While I am happy to have FNAC and Virgin with the latest best-sellers, I still enjoy the smell and the ambiance of old book shops. I bought the book that I am holding for instance. I didn’t know what it was, I just loved the vintage hard cover. It Turned out to be a Sherlock Holmes: The turn of the screw.

Fun fact: we almost signed for an apartment right in this alley… How cool is it to have a vintage closed cinema as a neighbour?

The best and affordable breakfast spot in Rabat: Top Batido

A huge choice of smoothies and juices and all kinds of breakfast formulas. Simple, non fancy place with nutritious and affordable food.

a mehlaba concept modernized, with superfood smoothies and veggie loaded omelets.

Rabat city centre

Rabat Morocco: colonial architecture

Rabat city center hides a a lot of monuments from French protectorate: old Haussmannian buildings and vintage shops. It all blends with Moroccan architecture and city center’s mess in the afternoon: Souika, Joutia. I simply love it!

I hope that you enjoyed my off-duty, real moments in my beloved city and I wish you a wonderful week.

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    Love those pics babe, and I am also a huge fan of Moroccan architecture!


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