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This article is part of our Spain roadtrip: here.

I love getting back to a city that I’ve already visited. Instead of rushing into sightseeing and discovering, I can take time to do the things that I really love and wander slowly. especially in Europe, where most cities are pedestrian-friendly. My favourite activity in Europe is just walking around charming streets, sipping on drinks, thrift shopping and people watching.

We did just that in Barcelona! We were in Sitges(read the article), that is 20 min away and took a day trip to the capital of Catalunya. Omar wanted to buy new hiking shoes and I was craving ramen noodles.

Beware of pickpockets in Barcelona!

That’s crazy, in one day we aborted two pickpoketing missions. As seasoned Moroccans used to souks and medinas we’re not going to be robbed in Barcelona. That’s a point of honour! I will tell you the story, but I don’t want you to be paranoid, just a little bit more careful than in any other European city. To be honest, I looked like an easy target because I had an open basket bag, but I had nothing valuable in it. Even if they succeeded they would’ve end up with rice crackers, dried bananas, tissues, a used lipstick and several receipts at the very best… Maybe I should’ve let them go into my bag after all! The first attempt was at a shop, where a man “accidentally” ran into me and apologised, while reaching for my bag. The second was near la Sagrada Familia, I was sitting on a bench taking pictures, and there was a girl next to me (Caucasian if I may precise) that was pretending to take a selfie with one hand, while reaching for my bag with the other. When I moved my bag, she disappeared so quickly that I didn’t have time to confront her or react.

The best spot to take pictures of la Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia, the never-ending construction project and most popular spot in Barcelona can be pretty busy. The landmark is huge and imposing and taking close pictures is definitely a challenge. Instead of that we went to the park and looked for a clear angle of the cathedral. The park is just across the street from the main entrance. We even found a bench (where I almost got robbed my rice crackers). Omar captured a beautiful flare light, I love these pictures. I can easily crop the construction cranes on Photoshop, but I refuse to do so. While our jobs is to create beautiful pictures, it is also to report an honest feedback. Of course I look for the angles with the least people and clutter possible behind me, but I never remove them in my editing. Because guess what? When you’ll visit those landmarks, chances are you are not going to be alone either!

When you’ll visit those landmarks, chances are you are not going to be alone either!

Thrift shops in Barcelona

There are several thrift shops in Barcelona as well, but not all gathered in a very cool neighbourhood like my favourite Malasana in madrid. There is one street though with few cool shops, it’s Carrer de Ferlandina. One of them is the Flamingo Kilo Shop that I showed you in Madrid. But my favourite one is: PNB vintage store, the design is cool and the prices reasonable. They also offer vintage decor items that are absolutely beautiful.

Read my Madrid thrift shop guide: here

Designer outlets

If you’re eying your next designer splurge, the best thing to do a is a day trip to La Roca Village. But if you don’t have enough time, there are a few outlet stores right in the heart of the city. One of them is Logo outlet. That day, I bought a beautiful Liu Jo bag for my mother for a steal.

I also found the perfect boater hat that I’ve been hunting for a while. It’s a staple in my wardrobe! The shop name is Hatquarters and it’s kind of a concept store for hats. They have everything from straw romantic hats to branded skater caps for very reasonable prices . Omar bought a nice Herschel wallet for 30Eur.

La Boqueria market

I can’t leave Barcelona without at least a little tour in la Boqueria. I love buying a fresh fruit bowl to nibble on while I’m walking. The market is right on the busy Ramblas.

Where to eat?

I collected few good fooding spots through the years that I’m sharing with you today. I’m always looking for good Japanese and Mexican restaurants when I’m in Europe. That’s what I’m missing in Morocco. When I say Japanese, I talk about non-sushi dishes. Usually small restaurants that serve traditional Japanese food such as udon soups, donburis, gyozas… I can’t wait to go to Mexico and taste real Mexican street food.

Flax & Kale your go-to healthy café with vegan options

Tenorio for an excellent tapas lunch/dinner with friends right on Passeig de Gracia

Menssana for a cozy breakfast

Grasshopper for a quick noodle soup fix

Taco Alto for tasty fish tacos

Wild partying happen on Passeig Maritim. Anything from hype nightclubs like Opium to irish bars with live music. You know you reached your destination when you start running into drunk people.

xo xo Dalal
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