Autumn stroll in Paris in my blue velvet boots

Dec 12, 2016Fashion, Style12 comments

Hello lovelies, I bought these fabulous blue velvet boots in Madrid. What a better location than Paris to show them off. Usually I am not a religious trend follower, but I totally fell for this boots design trend. It reminds me of 60/70s fashion. If you ask me, this era was truly the golden age of fashion, between pin-ups and hippies. Fashion is very much cyclical, we keep reviving old trends and adapt to a more contemporary look.

The pictures were shot at le Palais Royal square in Paris. These columns represent a piece of art called “les deux plateaux” or “Buren’s columns”. They were very controversial when the piece was launched in the eighties (I didn’t really get exactly why). Basically because the candy-striped black-and-white columns contrast a lot with the classical architecture of the Palace. The purists and classicists still criticize it. In my opinion, the contrast between the old and the new very beautiful and fascinating. The square look like a Tim Burton movie set, surrounded by centuries-old buildings.



Velvet boots: Suite Blanco
Faux fur scarf: Suite Blanco
Skirt: Stradivarius
Jumper: Tommy Hilfiger
Long cardigan: Zara
Bag: La Marthe






  1. annette richmond

    Those boots are EVERYTHING!! Great style!

  2. Shatreka | Chic Stylez 360

    Those boots have me crushing so hard! They are just too cute.


  3. Nour

    Le velvet revient à la mode! J’adore la couleur.

  4. Jehanne Azmi

    J’adore ton look ?

  5. Noemi

    I have a thing for bold colors, when it comes to shoes. And I love blue shoes. And ankle boots. Great purchase!

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