What to wear in the snow? Formula and outfit ideas

Jan 3, 2017Fashion, Style3 comments

Hello lovelies,

Here are the two outfits I wore in my Ifran weekend escape. We were lucky enough to be there on the first snowy weekend of this winter. Ifran is a small city in in the region of Fès-Meknès in Morocco. It is known for its cute chalets and its alpine climate. It looks like a ski village in Switzerland.

Fortunately I was geared enough for the snow. Here are my essentials to look nice in the cold without compromising on warmth

# Warm coat:

The number one essential in the cold. A cute parka or a chunky fluffy coat.


Sleeveless jackets underneath clothes, double socks, leggings under pants, double turtlenecks. Layer as much as you need to and keep the cutest pieces for the last layer.

# Neutral colors:

They add more chic and adult looking vibe to snow outfits.

# Gloves:

Mine are leather made, totally waterproof.

# Beanie:

Especially if you have short hair, to protect your head and ears from the cold. It looks very cute, I love the oversize ones with a big pompom.

# Sunglasses:

To protect your eyes from the glare off the snow, the use of high quality sunglasses or goggles is essential. It also adds an extra touch of style.

# Waterproof shoes:

Those who follow me on Instagram know about my Ugg incident. Ugg shoes are not 100% waterproof. You can stroll  with them on the rain or a little bit of snow, but if you soak them in 50 cm of snow like I did, you will have a problem. I heard of a protecting spray that makes them a 100% waterproof, I will try that next time. I bought one on Amazon here. I ended up buying second hand snow shoes there.


The coat below is still available on Shein website (worldwide shipping) , I literally live in this coat especially on the weekends.


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  1. meryem

    J’adore le premier look <3

  2. Shii

    I absolute adore these outfits!! I always dread the snow a bit because it is so difficult to get anywhere (basically i can’t get to the coffee shops haha) but now that I have read this post I think I will be able to enjoy the snow if it comes – at least i’ll be able to wear some nice outfits with your lovely ideas hehe <3 have a lovely day!!

    Shii x

  3. ANAS

    Awesome look and great shots

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