Summer 2017 pre-sale picks: backpacking edition

Jun 3, 2017Fashion, Style11 comments

Hello lovelies,

I am currently preparing my backpacking capsule, and since I spend a lot of time on internet picking up pieces, I thought I’d share them with you.

I like my shopping short and efficient (cf my article here). So before going to stores I check the collections online to see if there is anything close to what I am looking for… Ironically, I am a blogger who dreads shopping ?

As you may guess, I can’t take a lot of clothes for our long trip. I need pieces that are summery, versatile, practical, comfortable and yet cute… and it all needs to fit in a backpack!

It’s been a bit of an adjustment shopping and dressing lately. Since I don’t have to go to corporate meetings or to an office I can finally dress exactly how I want: casual, carefree, bohemian chic… Surprisingly, it has been a struggle after eight years of dressing the part: office friendly, lady boss, casual Friday chic… It’s kind of creating new brain reflexes of dressing and shopping casually for the daily life. I always like to dress even when I am staying at home, it makes me feel active and productive. I kept this habit from my last job where I got to work from home sometimes, I always made sure to be prepared for a last minute meeting at any given minute. Anyway, I am just sharing and absolutely not complaining, I am beyond happy of my current situation!

Back to shopping! After the market haul where I got a beautiful straw bag, sandals and a pouch, I need to buy:

  • Cheap anti UV sunglasses: I always buy H&M or similar when I am traveling because I don’t want to risk losing or sitting on a designer pair of glasses ?  I am crushing on the ones below, especially the pink design ?
  • Black confortable sandals or espadrilles
  • A maxi dress
  • A wrap romper
  • A one piece swimsuit
  • A bralette swimsuit
  • The perfect high-rise cut off shorts. I will probably end up buying them at American Eagle Outfitters, this is where I usually get my slim jeans and shorts, it’s the only brand that often fits my figure: small waist and full hips and bootie.
I am actually waiting for June sales before hitting the stores! ?

Meanwhile you can score free shipping with H&M on orders over $40 with code 0040.

xo xo Dalal



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  1. Echoesofhervoice

    These are cute ideas and I like that you used photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. jhilmil

    Loved H&M dress n footwear’s! All looked classy n getting sale is really cool.


      I can’t wait for it to hunt my picks first <3 Thank you for your comment

  3. Kaitlin

    I hate shopping too and always look online first, haha! Backpacking sounds amazing and I hope you find everything you are looking for! I love all your picks!

  4. Nicki tustin

    I absolutely hate clothes shopping, so many decisions and possibilities confuse me. These items look great for summer

  5. roni

    The shoes you picked, and the sunglasses, are great! Like your style.

  6. Silvija

    Nice ideas, i would definitely buy second dress. ?

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