The Sahara and the Road to the Desert

Oct 8, 2016Africa, Fashion, Style, Travel2 comments

Hi everyone, those following me on Instagram know I just got back from a trip to the desert here in Morocco. We set our QG in Zagora city and traveled around.

I will post a detailed article about our trip, it was really magical but a bit short we did it in 4 days knowing that we had 11 hours drive from Rabat to Zagora.

I also shot a Safari themed lookbook in the desert that I will post soon. Meanwhile I want to share with you some unexpected pictures we shot on the road to the desert. We stopped in an Oasis to eat lunch and we found this high-fashion material old rally car skeleton.  Guess what we did… improvised photo-shoot in the middle of the day of course!

We took a group picture as well, with the fabulous friends we were traveling with. I cease the occasion to thank them deeply for their patience while we were taking pictures during the trip. Traveling with a blogger can be a pain in the A 😀

The berber necklace I am wearing was my birthday gift this year form my sweet mama. It’s an authentic piece made with antique silver coins, I love it so much mama is the best. I see this piece staying in the family for generations, I will pass it to my daughter or niece eventually and so on <3

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justdalal-morocco-desert-berber-bride-car-palmtrees-moroccan-blogger-sahara-morocco-4 justdalal-morocco-desert-berber-bride-car-palmtrees-moroccan-blogger-sahara-morocco-6







  1. Hayley

    This is so awesome!! I love finding hidden gems! Can’t wait to read more about your trip!

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