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This is last minute gift guide… because I’m a last minute kinda girl. The budget is from 0 … broke-I-barely-can-afford-rent-this-month… to the special splurge items.

There shouldn’t be any pressure on gifting…. otherwise it would completely lose its point! Some would say that we don’t need Valentine’s day to celebrate love, have a date night or buy a gift to our loved ones. I say we do!!! I definitely do… it’s a wake up call, a reminder in our hectic fast paced lives. A life where each end of the month we’re surprised how fast time comes and goes… we need those key dates to make ourselves pause and celebrate love altogether. I stopped trying to be different and rebellious just for the sake of it. If a tradition is good for us let’s celebrate it, and if not let’s toss it! What’s wrong with celebrating love really? Yes there are countless industries benefiting from it… then again where’s the harm? Those industries create jobs and sustain families and lifestyles. And you can still celebrate in your own way and not spend a dime if you don’t feel like it.

You can celebrate love in so many different ways ❤️


My perfect Valentine’s date

My perfect Valentine’s date would be a gigantic sushi platter in a cozy intimate place, either at home or traveling, where we ditch our phones and laptops and share a special moment. Dreaming out loud, recalling memories, planning our next adventures and so on. Gifting is highly appreciated but not mandatory, being 100% here in the moment is!

Gifting is highly appreciated but not mandatory, being 100% here in the moment is!


The Valentine’s gift that I’ll give myself

While I enjoy every piece of my non-corporate casual style, I like all my clothing pieces to be in a good condition, good quality and polished. Going through my wardrobe recently, I noticed that my sleepwear capsule needs an update. My summer sleepwear is regularly updated, but in the winter we usually prioritise warmth over style don’t we? Can’t we do both? Of course we can, so this is the gift I’ll give myself. Personally, I don’t like the teddy bear, kitty, inscription cartoonish pyjamas. I love solid colours or stylish prints, classic cuts and very soft fabrics. I prefer to mix and match, actually I rarely buy sets or when I do I pair each piece separately. Locally, I spotted amazing pieces at Oysho: Cashmere, satin and lovely sets, but I’ll probably end up ordering online because I am lazy like that! (or have better things to do with my life like beach sunsets :p).

Back to the gift guide, here are various ideas to point you to the right direction. But you know your partner better, you know his passions, his guilty pleasures, and if you’ve been paying attention you probably have an idea of something he’s been eying for months and didn’t get, or something very useful that just broke or got lost. I gathered things with very different budgets for him, for her, for free and for the minimalist who rather have non-material things or consumables that won’t clutter their curated universe.

You can click on all the product images.


Gift guide for him


An addition to his passion

A fancy helmet if he’s a biker, safety first!

A photography accessory for photography nerds

A new hiking shoes if he’s a hiker

A professional knife set if he’s a cuisine aficionado, maybe he’ll cook for you that day…

A set of video games if he’s a gamer


The functional options

High capacity power bank

A prepaid garage appointment to change the tires in his car/bike/moto. He’s been procrastinating this for a while…


The budget option

A phone case

A cute mug for his morning coffee

The gift he would never himself

Gifts that men don’t buy themselves are usually fashion related

A wallet, if his is torn out but he still claims that it’s in a good condition (of if you simply don’t like the design of his actual wallet)

Timeless sunglasses, because my husband always loses his…

Luggage, either a stylish carry-on backpack or a weekender bag


Gift guide for her


An addition to her passion

A new camera if she loves photography or if she’s a blogger like me. I’m in love with my new Panasonic LX100, fixed non changeable lens, hassle-free and an amazing quality. I would have been to the moon getting it as a gift.

A yoga mat. My favourite one is the cork yoga mat. It’s the one I have and use daily, neutral colour and anti-slippery, I simply love it!

A wetsuit if she’s a surfer. A surfer never have enough wetsuits, there’s the one for when she feels cheeky, the one when it’s too hot, the one when it’s too cold, the new fun print collection…

A fancy makeup brushes set if she loves makeup, just an idea… I am far from being a makeup pro!

The functional gift

Kindle: I’ve been thinking of getting one because I love reading when I travel, but I also love traveling light… Also, the soft backlight would solve the problem of keeping lights on when the one besides you want to sleep.

Headphones! Those apple wireless headphone would make my life a lot easier!

The budget option

A phone case. I got the idea from my last partnership with Kroma and that would be something affordable that I would love to get as a gift as well.

A camera case

A book

Either a novel to put herself to sleep,  a motivational book she’s been talking about, or a visual diary to get inspiredb. Books are always a great idea! A book collection is a story of a lifetime and that would possibly be something she will keep in her personal library for years.

On my radar

My recent favourite

Coffee table books and visual diaries

The dream gift she didn’t buy herself

Her dream designer bag

Timeless watch

I just received the melrose petite watch from Daniel Wellington and I think it would be a perfect gift to keep for years! They have a special Valentine’s set with a lucky heart charm and I have a 15% discount code for you guys: DALALDW More on my Instagram post: here

Timeless jewellery

For the minimalist

If your partner is on a minimalist journey or if you started dating recently and not sure about their taste, the solution is simple: Edible/consumable gifts or experiences and vouchers.

A luxurious tea blend selection

Their favourite artisan chocolate

Scented candles


Always a good idea… A cliché is a cliché for a reason!


A SPA massage

This is by far my favourite gift! The one that I love giving and receiving. When in doubt offer a massage voucher! In Rabat I always go to LE WAI, I travel every time I get a Balinese massage 🙂


A trip

If you can afford it, nothing beats a weekend escape for Valentine’s day. The sky (and your budget) is the limit!


A new activity

Climbing, pilates, African dance… Something new to try and get them out of their routine. Something that we wouldn’t think buying ourselves. I wrote an article this summer about the benefits of trying new things: click here

An audio book

I love Audible! Especially when I cook, or drive. I usually use it for non-fiction books, business, motivational or self-development that I wouldn’t read before bed. Especially when I had long commutes for work, it’s the best to pass the time. So you can either offer an Audible subscription or an audiobook/ podcast program if the person is already subscribed.

Click on the icon to get your free audiobook

Meditation subscription

I recently started daily meditation with Headspace, and was just thinking that it would make a great gift for someone interested in the subject.


Cost free gifts with love that might just be priceless


A Mixtape or a spotify playlist

I used to love mixtapes as a gift! Why don’t we do that anymore? It’s so thoughtful and personal and makes an opportunity to discover new artists. The modern version of it would be a Spotify personalised playlist. I would be thrilled if someone takes the time to curate a playlist for me!


A massage

There are countless massage tutorials on youtube, practice a little bit, grab a perfumed oil, put on a relaxing music, some candles and the night is yours! The longer, the better 😉


A home made meal

This will be even more valuable if you are not used to cook, or if you just a plain bad cook! Taking the time and the effort to master a recipe for this special night is priceless. Your loved one will eat it and love it, even if it’s not that good, trust me!


A romantic picnic

A cute basket with snacks and your favourite drinks followed by a promenade by the beach or at the park. Nothing is more romantic, just try to stay on the zero waste side, for the sake of the planet 🙂  Here are some ideas:

Delicious Delights for a Valentine’s Day Picnic

A perfect picnic for date night 

The Ultimate Summer Picnic Guide

How to picnic like an event planner


A handwritten poem or a love letter

Again, it’s a forgotten art! Let’s revive it! If you are not a natural born poet or a writer, just write a letter with the most simple words of moments you shared together, how did you meet etc…


A photo album

A best of your moments shared together gathered in an album with eventually cute handwritten notes with each photo. Find some inspiration in this article:

15 Scrapbooks That Don’t Look like Grandma Made Them


A personalised wallpaper

Use to craft a personalised screen saver/ wallpaper. For example, you can use a beach sunset of your last vacation together or a tasteful collage, or just some well thought words that would brighten their daily lives. Canva offers free templates that uou can start from if you are completely clueless:

Design Awesome Wallpapers with Canva


Thank you for reading the article. I hope that you found some inspiration in here 🙂

xo xo Dalal
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