Wandering Berlin in my Faux-suede skirt

Feb 15, 2017Fashion, Style2 comments

Wardrobe staple alert: Faux-suede skirt 

Here is my outfit on a typical coffeeshop hoping day in Berlin. The city coffeeshops and hipster pop-up store landscape changes so much that even Google maps can’t catch up. We just chose a nice neighbourhood and wander around until we found something we like.

The suede or faux-suede skirt came back from the 70’s, golden age of hippie and boho fashion. I feel like a modern days Jane Birkin when I wear mine. The skirt transitions easily from summer to winter. I would have loved to find a vintage one, but unfortunately none of the ones I found fit me. I am still looking for a camel colour suede skirt though. “A” line skirts are the most flattering for curvy hourglass figures and it adds an Bohème chic vibe to any outfit.


I always choose faux-leather over leather when the quality is good enough. I am not a perfect ecologist, nor an eco-activist. But when I can, I try the reduce the impact I have on the planet. I would rather make few changes than no changes at all

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

All layered up for the cold…

“Berlin is more a part of the world than a city. ” 

Jean Paul, Writer, 1800





  1. Aska Wolf

    I so agree on choosing faux good quality leather when you can. I’m not 100% into eco activism and boy I love animals 2! But doing my best in being responsible, helping animals (I have 5 rescued cats) however I can, doing volunteer work, etc.
    And talking about A shape vintage skirt- oh so understand!


    • dalal.yagoubi@gmail.com

      My point exactly. Plus vintage clothes are more unique <3


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