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Whenever we stay at a place, my husband (Mr.Moustache) and I debate about the atmosphere and the wholesome value for money experience. When we set foot at Les Jardins d’Argane, we had a long talk about what is our definition of luxury? It inspired me to write this article…

There no longer seems to be one standard definition to help determine what is luxury. I can’t speak for everyone, but for the modern bohemian, luxurious certainly doesn’t mean extravagant. It means ease and comfort in the most simple things.

For us, luxury doesn’t come from bling-bling expensive objects, ridiculously large spaces, nor highly sophisticated cooking. Those things often make us uncomfortable.

Carole and Pascal clearly understood our definition of luxury. Instead of investing in opulent objects, they paid attention to details when they conceived Les Jardins d’Argane.  The story of how they sold everything in France to start a different kind of living in Essouira’s countryside is truly inspiring. It seems like they have created a small economical eco-system in the middle of nowhere, with jobs for the locals and an expertise in hospitality business. They all live in the house like a big happy family, hosting guests from everywhere in the world. A perfect break far from touristic hassles and city noises, a home away from home where you can enjoy the perks of the country side while splurging on comfort. If you love animals, you’re going to be thrilled to meet six cats, a dog, a donkey, a sassy peacock and an armada of chicken. This guest house is the kind of place that makes you forget about time, lose yourself into a book and recenter your energy.

Back to our subject, here are the simple things that make for us the perfect bohemian luxury retreat:

Top: Shein/ Skirt: Shein / Earrings: Kitschistic


A warm Italian shower, orange blossom scented soap, cozy and fluffy bedding and fresh homemade food. Being served some warm homemade Moroccan crepes along with a minute squeezed orange juice is the perfect illustation of food made with love. If that’s not luxury I don’t know what it is.

The sound of silence

Silence is the best to ease the mind and the body. I slept like a baby in Les Jardins d’Argane (after a whole week of waking up with a neighbour’s construction work melody), you know the kind of deep sleep that wakes you up not knowing exactly where you are and slowly being awaken by the sound of birds chirping. A must for a quick escape from your worries, city noises, your stressful job (or your children) #HoneyMoonOnRepeat.

Crochet tunic: Bali

Clear spaces

A clear space for a clear mind! Being a visual person, I need to be in clear clutterless spaces decorated with taste in order to be zen and productive. Add an outdoor space and a pool and you almost reach perfection. I liked the eclectic country-chic vibe of the house with a well dosed touch of Moroccan decor, a beautiful dry garden and a marvellous library with multilingual books.

Top: Shein/ Skirt: Shein / Earrings: Kitschistic/ /Basket bag & sandals: Moroccan souk

Top: Zara (similar) / Palazzo pants: Forever 21 (similar)/ Slides: Similar / Sunglasses: Rayban

Treat yourself

Sometimes you need to take a breather in life and treat yourself! Whether it’s with Home SPA or at a center, don’t forget to take your healthy dose of pampering me-time. Instead of buying a third pair of jeans from that fast fashion brand, splurge in a facial or a massage. Your skin will thank you in few years. That said, if you come by les jardins d’argane make sure to try their reflexology massage, it’s truly divine. Dahbia*, their SPA priestess does really have a golden magic touch (see what I did there?). Most of the products are from Les Sens de Marrakech and they smell amazing, but my favourite was the house’s DIYed orange blossom scented argane oil.

*Dahbia means Golden in Moroccan


Everything is better when shared. First of all with the people you love and second with the interesting encounters you make along the way. Our hosts greeted us every morning and stayed with us through breakfast, a sweet cuddly moment! Meet our hosts:

Guerlain the Siamese cat who came with Carole and Pascal from France seven years ago. Actually my favourite, he casually sat on my lap every morning at breakfast (It’s not a coïncidence, Guerlain is my favourite parfumeur).  I love his nonchalant walk and the wise Yoda-like look he gives you when you call his name.



Souiri the resurrected cat. Carole thought there was a dead cat in a box at their door back in Essaouira, when he suddenly got back to life… #creepy



Chaton, don’t be fooled by her precious princess look, she’s got the soul of a warrior! Do not interrupt her while she’s accomplishing an important cat activity (like pretending to clean up after herself) at the risk of losing a finger #StrongerThanWonderWoman



Cookie, the opposite of Chaton. He looks mean but he’s actually very sweet. I love how he purs on my lap during our cuddle sessions.




Chanel the posh cat who made few but strong appearances. How cute is his smurky look?



Roméo , the sassy peacock who never gets full and begs for food at each and every table in the morning. I think he hung out too much with the cats…



Picotin, the donkey who likes infinite cuddles between his eyes and treats the house as his personal catwalk.



Radjah, the dog who barks at Mr.Moustache every time he passes by and who plays the “Guess in which hand the coin is in?” game with Carole’s daughter (#CutenessOverload).




I was invited as a guest by Les Jardins d’Argane. As always, all opinions are my own.

Top: Shein/ Skirt: Shein / Basket bag & sandals: Moroccan souk

xo xo Dalal
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  1. hanae

    Just read the article, it’s amazing!! Love how creative you are <3

    • JustDalal

      Thank you dear it means a lot <3

  2. Stephanie

    Wow u really put a spin on luxury. Though many would not see this as luxury i can see your point of view. There are also many that would see just a roof over their heads as luxury. Some great insight

    • JustDalal

      Exactly, it’s very subjective.

  3. Gemma

    Luxury is very subjective! every one has his own understanding from luxury. Good point of view for your article!

    • JustDalal

      thank you Gemma, I am glad you got my point of view.

  4. Erica

    The guest house is so pretty!!!!

    • JustDalal

      I know, it was an amazing break!

  5. Laurel

    This was very interesting (and I loved the pictures)

    • JustDalal

      Thank you <3

    • JustDalal

      Yeah ut was great! Thank you Karla

  6. Tasha Amy

    Wow I am in love with all your photos! There’s so many cute and fluffy residents as well!

    • JustDalal

      Thank you Tasha we were sad to leave them <3

  7. Victoria

    Luxury is very subjective. Loved your view. And your company was very cute especially Romeo lol looks like you had a great time with your hosts

    • JustDalal

      I did! Thank you Victoria <3

  8. Deea

    Beautiful photos and the place looks like a jewel! And, as subjective as it is, I am completely with you in regards of what defines luxury 🙂 Yes for ease and comfort and attention to details!

    • JustDalal

      Thank you so much I am glad you related to this vision of luxury <3


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