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Jan 7, 2017Fashion, Style1 comment

Hello lovelies,

As I mentioned in yesterday’s note, I am soon traveling to Paris and Berlin, right with Winter sale. Coincidence? ?

Recently, I started looking for an anti ageing organic skin care routine. I am turning 30 this year and I think it’s time to start a proper beauty routine, for now I only use coconut oil as moisturiser.

I am also in need of a carry-on suitcase, I love my Longchamp weekender bag but a suitcase is honestly much more easy to move around.

Here are my first winter sale picks. I can’t believe those H&M wool sweaters at 14 USD!!!

Wishlists are a must for me, especially  before  travel, it keeps me focused and in control of the shopping budget. Otherwise I was tempted by everything on sale.

Have a great weekend.


Winter sale Wishlist:



1 Comment

  1. Nour

    La chance!! Tu vas profiter de vraies soldes!!
    I also need theses H&M sweaters.

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