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Oct 14, 2016Fashion, Style2 comments

Hello lovelies,

Before talking about the outfit: WE ARE GOING TO MADRID THIS WEEK-END!!! #excited

About the outfit:

Here is a typical casual Friday look. If your company doesn’t allow Converse shoes or sneakers in general, you can replace them with ballet flats. I won’t go to a client meeting with Converse shoes either, so this look is usually when I am at the office, doing boring office stuff: reporting, paper work, internal meetings…

I really love white Converse shoes, you can practically pair them with anything to cut the drama out of an outfit: a dress, a trench coat, a blazer, jeans obviously… It’s also one of my travel staples, it’s fresh looking and comfortable. The only con with white sneakers is that I have to wash them very often. I love Converse shoes since forever, surprisingly I could not get on board on the current sneakers trend (Stan Smiths & co) too street-wear/ hip-hop looking for me.

This combo color is one of my favorites: military green and navy. I became a huge fan of navy it’s very chic and subtle, it was the new black for me those last years.

Otherwise, we are going to Madrid this week-end I am so excited. I have been to Barcelona three or four times already and I can’t wait to discover her rival city Madrid. I have a feeling that I will prefer Madrid, but I don’t want to go there with too much expectations to avoid disappointment. If you have any recommendation please let me know. We are a last-minute-zero-organization kind of couple, so we are open to suggestions.








Blazer: Mango

Shirt: 123

Pants: Mango

Bag: La Marthe

Sunnies: Rayban

Shoes: Converse




  1. Nour

    I’m in love with your outfit ❤️

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