Billabong surf capsule and my surf story

Feb 23, 2018Fashion, Life, Style

I’m not gonna lie, I love the surf lifestyle more than the sport itself, and I’m far from being a good surfer. But this activity opened up a whole new world to me. I discovered a different way of living, more grounded with nature, travel and a healthy and balanced life. Since this world unraveled to me, I changed a lot in my life, quit bad habits and removed toxic people from my life.

So don’t call me a fraud, I love all things surf but I’ve never pretended to be a killer wave ripper. When I’m in the water, my main goal is to have as fun as much as I can, while pushing my own limits in my own terms.

How surfing changed my life?

I fell in love with the surfing world the first time I wen to Bali, back in 2010. This trip was a turning point in my life in so many ways. Once back in Morocco, I questioned a lot of things in my life, and I felt a little bit depressed. I was craving more of this carefree bohemian lifestyle. Meanwhile, before figuring out how to do it, I binge watched all the surf and travel movies I could find back then. One of them was Blue Crush! After re-watching the movie, I just went to the beach grabbed a short board (!!!!) and made the biggest fool of myself while not caring a bit. I realised how bad my cardio and physical conditions were, and took matters into hands. I’ve never been much of a sports girl before, I’ve always been tall and awkward and rebelled (against myself) in every way possible, and this had to change…

How is that related to Billabong surf capsule?

Well first of all, it’s a plain beautiful work of art. Surf brands have the most talented creative directors in my opinion. Ones that just make you scream “shut up, and take my money” and let me be a part of this world.

Second, in my daydreaming crazy projections, I was looking for a product manager position in Bali with one of the well known surf brands. The surf industry is predominant there to the point that they have creative teams on their own. The surf shops and flagship stores are everywhere, there are even outlet malls for those same brands. I thought that if I had to be a product manager, I’d rather be it for a product that I really love… And I would’ve done a killer job doing it!

So this surf capsule took me back to those memories, and left me gently smiling while reminiscing on those moments where I thought that everything was possible. Luckily, I still do! It’s just that my dreams has shifted since then.

Billabong surf capsule favourites


Billabong surf capsule editorial

So let’s discover together this beautiful capsule, starring Malia Murphey: model, surfer and blogger from Hawai. I love this format so very much, I think I will start to use it for my style posts, what do you think? More of a lifestyle collage with inspirational thoughts than posey pictures.

Find the capsule in all Billabong stores and affiliates or order online:

I love those kinds of wetsuits, they are so feminine. But honestly surf brands should think about African/ fuller booties as well, mine rarely fit in the suits :p

xo xo Dalal
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