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Hello loves and happy holidays! I hope that you’re enjoying that season, indulging on coziness and family time. You know your gal, always last minute, gift shopping is no exception and that’s usually when I get the best ideas out of my mind… go figure!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you must know that I’m a “travel with style” preacher. No judgement, but I prefer not looking like a backpacker even when I am one. Travel is not always glamorous, but I still want to look my best and to be surrounded by useful yet cute items and accessories. I genuinely think that it brings joy and affect the mood.

So, if you’re a visual person like me, you probably identify with the “travel with style” mantra or know someone that does. Here is a gift guide inspired by the subject.  This is a selection of useful gifts that will please any seasoned traveler without interfering with light packing. I myself would be happy to receive any of those gifts and my husband too πŸ™‚ I chose products with different price ranges, so there is something for everyone. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to bring a lot of joy.

I was inspired by my last long travel adventure. One back home, I summed up the most useful travel items including the ones that I forgot to pack and that I could probably get a good use of. I also gathered some discount codes for you guys. Enjoy your last minute shopping!

Gift guide for the male stylish traveler

If you know any travel lover, this guide is for you. Whether it’s for your partner, your friend, brother, father or even colleague:

 1.Public goods travel set: A lot of people, especially men travel on a carry-on right now. So this is a minimalist traveler staple. The design is sleek and beautiful and the products are of a high quality, vegan and made with healthy ingredients to keep him fresh at all times. Tip: After use, he can still refill the containers with his favourite products.

2.Vetelli leather toiletry bag: I discovered this brand on Instagram, they have a whole range of high-quality men’s accessories. I chose this timeless design toiletry bag. It’s a useful item to stay organised and that he will keep for years. A high-quality leather bag, with two large compartments and inside pockets. The bag also comes with two BPA-free silicone travel bottles. You can get 10% off the website with the code: DALAL-10 πŸ˜‰ Shipping: US only.

3.Rip curl coral red board shorts: If he’s a beach lover (who’s not?), this is a fail-proof gift idea that he will get a lot of use of. Rip Curl is my go-to brand when I shop for my husband. And this coral red colour is fun and will perfectly compliment a tan.

4. MVMT CITADEL round sunglasses: Sunglasses are the most important travel accessories. They will protect his eyes from the sun, hide his dark circles during travel days and add a touch of style to any outfit. These sunglasses are from MVMT, my latest brand crush that you probably saw me wearing a lot recently. I love the opaque frame, the round shape and the very reasonable price :-))) And unlike us ladies, men often forget to shop for sunglasses. My discount code is still valid by the way: “DalalYag15” for $15 off your purchase.

5.Portable charger: Phones are our new travel guides, and nothing is more annoying than having your battery dieing when you rely on your phone’s GPS to move around or capture that unique picture. This one is simple, compact and fast-charging…. hence travel-friendly.

6.Bodum travel french press mug: I love Bodum’s sleek and minimalist design in general, but this product is particularly suited for travel. If he’s a coffee-lover, this is the perfect gift! A stylish mug where he can directly brew his coffee with the French Press method and drink it while sight-seeing. That will also avoid you his grumpy didn’t-have-my-coffee mood. Plus, it’s an environment-friendly way to avoid using disposable coffee cups.

7.Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones: If you have a more significant budget, treat him into a top-notch noise cancelling, high-quality AND stylish headphones. Very practical to watch movies on the plane and listen to his favourite music and podcasts during the trip.

8. Bric’s foldable backpack: A very handy option for day trips, tours and weekend gateways while he travels. I love Bric’s backpacks classic design with a hint of vintage. On top of the design, this backpack is high-quality and foldable. So it will not take much space in his suitcase when it’s not used. Use the code “Justdalal15” for 15% off.

Gift guide for the female stylish traveler

This one is for your sister, your wanderlusting BFF or even if you want to treat yourself. It includes some staples that I never travel without and items that I wish I packed in my last travel:

1.5-Piece Packing Cube Set: A very good way to stay organised, and know where everything is. The gold rose design will change you from the usual boring dark colours. The pouches are water resistant and have a breathable mesh front to identify what’s inside. Especially when traveling with a backpack where everything is piled.

2. Patchology travel set: remember my Patchology review? I still use the products to this day and I found out that they have a very handy travel set. Travel can be damaging to the skin, I realised that at my own expense. Between the sunny beach days, the uncontrolled diets and the dehydrating flights, the girl-traveler should take extra care of her skin. Use the code: DALAL15 for 15% off.

3. Straw hat: I regret every single time that I didn’t pack a hat! Especially for sunny destinations aficionados. It protects your hair, and give any dull outfit an extra touch of style. I usually go for a cowboy or fedora style and I wear them on the plane to save space and avoid losing their shape. This one is the perfect! Not-too big-not-too-small fedora design, it goes with everything and doesn’t break the bank. It will sure please your travel girl buddy. 

4.Converse sneakers: Converse is a must-have in my book! It goes with everything, never goes out of style and it doesn’t take much space in your suitcase or backpack. Much needed for long sight-seeing days or short hikes. I tend to prefer light colours but they get dirty, so I chose a leather design that is easy to wipe with a damp towel.

5.Leather notebook: Any travel girl can confirm that at some point in her adventure she needs to take notes, doodle or journal. This beautiful leather design is from UO. I love their whole stationary collection, but this one caught my eye. A gift that will maybe encourage your travel girl to start a travel journal, and she will never forget you for it. 

6.Foldable yoga mat: Aaaaah how I wish I packed one in my last travel! This is definitely the gift that I want to give myself. Nothing can replace a yoga mat. I tried stacking up towels, powdering my feet, and every travel hack possible…. but I really missed my yoga mat! There are a lot of travel yoga mat brands all over the internet, but they all have a bland design. This one from Anthropologie is by far the most fashionable, it will provide extra motivation to continue your practice during your distracting adventures.

7.AEO chambray shirt: Travel-in-style tip No 1: pack a maximum of versatile basics! A chambray shirt never fails and it can be worn in so many ways: waist tied, buttoned up, as a layering piece… I personally steal my man’s shirt :-D But the travel girl in your life can definitely use one of her own. American Eagle is one of my go-to brands for everything denim and chambray. Go a size or two up for that stylish boyfriend look. Psst! And it’s on sale πŸ˜‰

8.Azalea leopard blanket scarf: Leopard print is very trendy right now and I personally consider it as a neutral. This stylish scarf from the very cool curation brand Azalea is the ideal design for this travel must-have. A blanket scarf will keep you warm in the overly-AC-ed planes, will give extra coverage if you ever travel to a conservative place and can double up as a beach towel. Use the code DALALYAG10 for 10% off.

I hope that you find this gift guide useful, I put a lot of love in it as if I would’ve gifted my loved ones. Once again happy holidays from sunny and warm Bali!

xo xo Dalal
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