10 things you must do in Taghazout Morocco

Nov 7, 2019Africa, Travel

From a quiet fishing village to a hip surf town, it’s crazy how Taghazout evolved over the years. It’s one of my favourite places in Morocco and even the world. If you love anything about this blog and my universe, I’m sure that you’ll love it too. So here’s my guide to Taghazout, and this is the perfect season to enjoy the surf and the endless summer feel.

Moreover, you can treat yourself to a sunny new year’s holiday escape…. The temperature is usually around 20°c in December. But hurry up and book now, it’s the peak season 😉

Where to stay?


Munga guest house


Surf Maroc Auberge

Surf Maroc apartments (where we stayed)


Ocean’s Spirit hostel

Hakuna Matata

When to go?

The peak season is coming up, November and December are the best surfing months and Europeans enjoy the mild weather of Taghazout, just few hours away from their countries.

The rest of the year the weather is still amazing, but there are no waves during the summer months and a lot of tourists.

What to wear?

What to do in Morocco’s surf paradise?

1. Surf

In one of the top surfing destinations in the world don’t miss out on the surf! If you’re a beginner take classes at one of the many surf schools in the village and continue practicing by your self at Panorama beach right next to Taghazout village.

I actually caught my first wave there, it’s a perfect beginner spot. A long line of waves that break over sand and delivers consistently. (My surf story)

If you’re an advanced surfer, take a roadtrip to the surrounding surf spots, you may use this article as a guide: Taghazout surf spots.

2. Yoga

Take a yoga class at one of the rooftops overlooking the sea. Surf and yoga always went hand in hand and Taghazout offers the perfect backdrop for your morning sun salutations. There’s an amazing yoga community from all around the world offering different types of yoga, just pick your own.

Amouage, the boutique hotel with the infinity pool overlooking the ocean, offers classes everyday for 100dhs per sessions (10$).

Paradis plage, the eco-resort has an amazing yoga shala overlooking the ocean as well.

If you’re in Tamaraght or have a car, don’t miss the amazing yoga studio Kalananda. It’s 10 min away from Taghazout.

3. Beach

Not a surf a fan? No worry! You can just spend a regular fun beach day at Panorama beach. Rent a lounge chair and an umbrella for 30 dhs (3$), bring a book and get a tea or a a coffee from the beach vendors for a perfectly cozy afternoon.

4. Skate

Did you know that Taghazout has a skatepark? It’s a fun activity to practice or to watch.

5. Café hopping

Taghazout and now Tamaraght are becoming hip surf destinations, so they have their fair share of stylish cafés, some of them with a sea view. Café culture fans will enjoy a wide range of lattes, kombucha, bowls and healthy and less healthy treats.

Café Mouja

Let’s Be

World Of Waves

Paradis plage (5min drive), it’s an eco-resort with a restaurant, a yoga shala, surf lessons and a bar right on the beach.

6. Shopping

Taghazout is bustling with small shops offering beautiful Moroccan handicraft: berber rugs, woven basket bags, cushion covers, local surf brands, jewellery…

Don’t leave the area without trying and buying Amlou: A mix of nuts, argan oil and honey that makes a delicious and creamy spread. Make sure that your mix has honey and not refined sugar, just ask 🙂

7. Sunset drinks

After a day of surfing, beaching or hiking, end your day with a glorious sunset and a drink of your choice perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. My favourite this time was the chai latte.

World Of Waves

Surf Berbère


Panorama restaurant

8. A tagine at Aourir (banana village)

For the sturdy stomachs, try the goat tagine. Goats in the area mostly feed on argan trees, but the meat can be strong, I have a intolerance myself so be careful. To stay on the safe side, go for the chicken tagine. Don’t forget to buy bananas from the stalls outside the restaurants. The small green bananas of the region are delicious!

9. Photography

Sea cliff views, narrow alleys, whitewashed walls, blue doors, fishing boats, Moroccan handicraft, hipster cafés, Moroccan food, surfers, skaters, yogis…. this is the perfect spot to practice your photography skills or just get creative with your phone for an amazing holiday photo album.

10. Paradise valley

If you are up for a fun little Atlas mountain hike and have a half day to spare, book a Paradise Valley tour. Check out this article for more details: Paradise Valley Morocco.

Helpful tips

Agadir, the closest big city is just 30min away. You can take a bus there for 15dhs (1.5$).

Bring cash! There are no ATMs at Taghazout village, the closest ones are at Aourir (Banana village).

xo xo Dalal
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