Rabat, Morocco in the 90’s: The local spots

Oct 19, 2018Africa, Fashion

Hello loves, I’m so happy that the weather is a little bit chilly in Rabat. I was so tired of the schizophrenic weather and I can finally wear boots, sweater, trench coats and my cozy clothes.

Rabat Moroccan local spots and childhood memories

Today I wanted to have a coffee with my mom, far from the TV, the laptop and any distractions. But instead of a Starbucks, I suggested to go down memory lane and explore the spots that my mom used to take us to in the 90’s.

This is typically how we spent a Saturday morning. In the morning the medina is usually less crowded and we’ve always been early risers in the family. But before our walk, we usually had breakfast at Café Lina. I still have the taste of their chausson au fromage (cheese stuffed croissant) in my mind! I’ve always preferred savoury options to sweet options for breakfast by the way. While our parents finished their breakfast, my sister and I used to go buy magazines to read in the café: Minnie mag, Picsou mag, Majid, Star Club…

I am deeply reminiscing on those carefree days, where carbs and sugar were not the enemy and everything was so simple.

For our walk today, first we went treasure hunting in the medina. Then we bought the famous “Mille feuilles” near Marché central, every Rbati buys one once in the medina for 3 dhs (0.3$). We took our pastry and ordered a juice and a a pot of tea in Café El Bahia. It’s an iconic Moroccan vintage café where we used to eat “Harira” (Moroccan chickpea soup).

Fall outfit: Corduroy trench coat and combat boots

My combat boots are finally in season. I still feel badass whenever I wear them and I do believe that out clothes affect our mood. Paired with a camel corduroy trench, a graphic tee, my favourite pants this season, my trusty Rayban aviator that were lost for a while, and a seashell choker because I’m still a beach girl.

I’m going to Berlin next week with my mom to visit my sister, and I think she’s proven to be a decent photographer right? So she’s got my back on the trip, since Omar (#instagramhusband) will not be there. Today was a trial to see if I can give enough direction to get the shots that I want… and I think it’s a success! My mama is a natural 🙂

xo xo Dalal
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