Friday mood: Lombok, wishlist & favourites

Apr 1, 2019Asia, Journal, Life, Travel

I know it’s Monday, but for me the “Friday mood” posts are the ones where I put my random thoughts and current favourites… and that’s excatly what I want to do. Friday is a mood, regardless of what day of the week it is. Fridays are a mix of end of the week exhaustion and the perspective of an exciting weekend, hence the perfect time to do a weekly recap.

Wow! I’m now realising that it’s been a little over a month since I posted a blog article. That never happened before! But you know when you’re late on something and you try to make up for it, then it becomes too overwhleming and you end up paralysed, making it worse. That’s excatly what happened.Well today I just decided to dive back into it.

Travel mode

This travel journey is different compared to the first one. Back then we were traveling more in a digital nomad mode, slow traveling, working on the go and almost living our normal daily lives but elsewhere.

This time we were full on travel mode and I loved it so much, but it left less space for blogging and working. I then decided to post at least a recap of each country that we visit and leave the travel guides for later, but then I failed to do so. And when I wanted to post something spontaneous, I got too much in my head because we were already in another country, and I didn’t cover the last one… *sigh*

Lombok island life

We are currently in Lombok Indonesia, taking it a little bit slower after our hectic times in Vietnam and Cambodia. Between sunrise sighseeing and nights spent in buses, we were left (happy but) exhausted. So here, our days usually vary between beach hopping, scooter roadtrips, eating good food and laptop time at cafés.

Lombok is so gorgeous and feels like we are in a whole different country compared to Bali. Both in culture and natural landscape. Most beaches are almost deserted especially in the morning, varying from turquoise waters to coral reef beaches and surf peaks.

I didn’t surf here though, most of the spots are reef bottomed and you have to paddle a lot before reaching the peak. But for advanced surfers, the waves are so perfect. Similar to the famous ones in the Bali bukit peinsula, except that in Bali you have fifty people on the same wave.

On our roadtrips we see buffaloes, cows, goats, green hills, beaches and incredible views. It smells green and clean and there is no traffic. The sunsets here are unreal, we make sure to catch them on a daily basis.

Our favourite thing to do in the island… scooter random roadtrips!
Gorgeous views everywhere in the island!
Happy encounters…
Lombok beach life
Mix & match bikini from H&M
Magical sunset in Selong beach

Current favourites

Drink: Kombucha! I’m completely addicted, I need to figure out how to DIY it. Recipe: Crunchy spicy lentils, it was our favourite snack in Sri Lanka. To try at home too! Beauty: Zina Cosmetik, a Moroccan line of green, zero waste solid shampoo and conditionner. Solid shampoos are my travel best friend! They last longer, take less space and you can have them in your carry-on. I can’t wait to try the line. Movie night: US a horror mystery movie by the same director as GET OUT.

Wishlist April 2019

Trent Austin design adjustable desk: You know you’re a little bit home sick when you start thinking about interior design… I have a million ideas for our small apartment when we’ll get back home. I crushed on this adjustable desk for my home office, hard wood, metal, timeless industrial style and adjustable height… apparently standing desks are healthy for the back and the posture, maybe not all the time because it’s probably not so healthy for the knees and the legs blood circulation. But a good alternative to switch from a sitting position occasionally.

Louis Vuitton bucket bag: It’s been a while since I crushed on a designer bag… but this one (unlike the ones featured on Instagram that are mostly dying trends) is timeless and functional. Designer bags are an investment and I don’t see myself buying anything but a design that will stand the test of time. I completely see it matching my casual bohème style.

Lack of colour hat: Because I need a summer black hat in my life.

Python print swimsuit: I tried it in an H&M store in Ho Chi Minh and it’s just gorgeous, I will probably order it online this summer.

Leather and rattan slides: I completely see this design in my summer capsule wardrobe.

Flare jeans: Perfect for spring season and so easy to style!

Have a beautiful week ahead!

xo xo Dalal
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