Last weekend in Morocco…. Next stop: Bali

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I realise that I didn’t announce it here, so if you don’t follow me on Instagram you probably don’t know that we’re going to Bali this week. So this is our last weekend in Bouznika, with pictures. This café have the best view!

Bali and travel plans

So first stop: Bali! We are attending my brother in law’s wedding and then we are planning to explore South-East Asia for few months with no plan whatsoever, planning on the go as usual. It’s more thrilling, fun and full of surprises. This is how we roll and we love it! Sri Lanka and Philippines are on top of the list, but nothing is 100% sure. Our only requirement is that we will prioritise the countries easy to access with Moroccan passports.

Bali is a very emotional place for me, this is where it all started. My love for travel, my purpose in life, all this started to cook after my first trip to Bali in 2010. I talk about it a little in my surf story, and I will probably dedicate an article to the subject once I’m there. Bali changed a lot since 2010 due to the Instagram hype, but it will always be the most magical place for me and Omar, where everything started and where we bonded as a couple. Because couples who travel together (and survive it) stay together!

Black Friday bashers #greenfriday

This time, we booked our flight back as well. We had to, because we scored an amazing deal with Qatar Airways on Black Friday. It was part of my Black Friday article by the way. I want to cease the opportunity to talk about Black Friday. In genral, as you may know, I hate extremism and preaching in all its forms (religious, ideologist, scientific…). For example: I try to live and promote a healthy lifestyle, but I’ll never be a vegan extremist, I encourage minimalism but as a mindset not as a hardcore lifestyle, still enjoying the pleasures in life and splurging from time to time, I try to learn about and support ethical businesses but I still don’t buy 100% ethical. My motto is: grow and evolve, as long as I’m better than I was yesterday, even if it’s not perfect it’s fine by me.

However, I believe that we do need extremists and overly-passionate people to shake things up. This is the only way to influence the corporations to make significant changes. All the human rights achieved today, were accomplished by overly-zealous “extremists” whom fought for our rights back then. But this just not who I am, and those are not the people that I relate to. I am more of a “take the best and leave the rest” kind of person, I get inspired by people, trends and movements but I adapt them to my own truth, and to my lifestyle.

As I always say for trends, if a trend is good for you embrace it, if not toss it! For example; I’ve always loved leopard print, instead of complaining about it being on trend right now and all over Instagram, I cease the opportunity to stock up on pieces that I will wear for years, since they are in abundance right now.

Mindful shopping

All this to say, that I laugh hard on the people criticising Black Friday. Black Friday is not exclusive to fast fashion and Sephora, Black Friday is now a worldwide phenomenon that you can base your yearly purchase strategy on. Black Friday is what you decide it is! Use your good judgments, as in everything in life.

You have to make purchase in a year at some point, being it gifts, clothes, skincare, appliances, fight tickets, food, massage vouchers, a new phone, camera gear, furniture… whatever you fancy or need. Why not buying at the best price possible? My Moroccan thrifty side can’t process that!! Why? Seriously where’s the harm in that? As long as you’re mindful about your purchases and avoid buying just because it’s on sale. And this is up to YOU and not to Black Friday nor all the content shared by bloggers.

I will probably write an article about it or make a video. To shop mindfully ,making wishlists is extremely helpful. I make wishlists all year long, mostly using Pinterest. This way I give myself enough time to decide if I really want/need something, and track sales and promotions. Even for the things that I get for free as a blogger, I am very mindful about what items I add to my life. I wrote an article about minimalism and shopping smartly years ago, you can refer to that wating for the up-to date version: 4 QUESTIONS EVERY SMART SHOPPER ASKS HIMSELF BEFORE SHOPPING.

Nothing illustrates my point better than MY Black Friday purchase. We were planning to go to Bali, so we waited for Black Friday promotions before booking our flights. Result: We bought our tickets for 600$ instead of the usual 1200$ that we pay for this itinerary. Knowing that it’s the high season in Bali. So jokes on the Black Friday bashers 🙂


Silk kimono: Vintage/ Turtleneck sweater: Massimo Dutti / Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Sneakers: Converse/ Sunglasses: Urban outfitters/ Hair sticks: Saya Designs / Earrings: Berlin flea market

xo xo Dalal
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  1. Patty

    Mindful shopping, that is EXACTLY the point! Personally I hate buying-just-to-buy. I try to limit my buying sprees to the things I really need and so far it works perfectly!

    Sounds like you have quite the trip ahead. Not planning anything can work so liberating! I’m sure you will find some great places to travel to on Moroccan passports. Have fun at the wedding in Bali and I can’t wait for the pictures of your trip!

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