Summer beach party in Morocco

Jul 29, 2019Journal, Life

I miss blogging!

We just settled in the family beach house, where I started my blog few years ago. So I read some articles on the blog and I was so nostalgic about those days and the person that I was back then, my hopes and dreams and it felt so good. I love the energy of this house and the beach makes everything feel better anyway.

Filled with nostalgia I decided to get rid of all the overthinking and just get back to blogging again. I know that if you just read the blog and don’t follow me on Instagram you will feel lost… so follow me on Instagram 🙂 dalal_yagoubi.

Setting the intention for the month on this beautiful sunny Monday: Blog more!

So fast forward from my last article, we wrapped our our South East Asian adventure, and got back to Morocco. I was on a social media detox for two months (I still have an article in my drafts to finish about that). So right now we are just enjoying summertime in Morocco, family time, friends gathering, working on our projects and settling into a slow life.

Urbansox x Ripcurl beach party

This weekend we were invited to a beach party by UrbanSox at Babaloo beach club. I don’t attend a lot of influencers events in Morocco but this was one of a kind. Urbansox have an amazing talent for gathering the most interesting creatives around: dancers, performers, photographers, videographers, influencers, designers… An amazing crowd to be around. And honestly they also had me at… beach party 😉

After hours of chilling, tanning and chatting came the time for the fashion show. A beach sunset performance in collaboration with RipCurl. All documented in the pictures below…

Cheers to Moroccan artists who keep reinventing our culture and deserve much more recognition.

Beach party outfit: Cover up: Minimoon Store / Swimsuit: OneOne Swimwear / Shell necklace: Bali / Hat: Moroccan market / Neon bracelet: Havaianas

xo xo Dalal
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