Four months travel itinerary in the Americas

Aug 3, 2018Journal, Travel

I’m back! Reflecting on four months of travel and 10 days of jetlag.

To be honest I’m still confused and not aligned with my emotions. Those four months were intense, a dream coming true, a leap out of the comfort zone positive in so many ways, but in the mean time… exhausting.

If you’re a regular reader, you may know that we are not the planning-ahead type of people. We love doing everything last-minute and let the universe decide on what’s coming next. Sometimes in the last 24h in a city we still didn’t know where we were going next. But it always ended up a much more interesting journey than anything we could have planned. Especially in a continent where we have never been before.

So here I am, getting back to my healthy habits and routines, reconnecting with my loved ones, and healing a recurring back pain with yoga and stretches.

Experiencing jetlag side effects for the first time

As much as I love travel, it’s always good to get back to a cozy cocoon, to relax a little bit, decorate, diy, cook and chat with my friends for hours. So, this is what I’ve been doing for the last week, while recovering from a hangover-like jetlag. I was one of those (annoying) people who don’t believe in jetlag, no matter the time zones crossed I used to always start with my day at arrival as if nothing happened, overexcited for all the things to discover. But this time it hit me in the face, I experienced all the side effects: sleep deprivation, migraine, brain fog and so on… all while quitting coffee, because I must be masochistic.

Packed and ready for a retreat at the family beach house.

Suitcase: Tumi / Yoga mat: Oysho (similar) / Magazine: Happinez/ Beach read: Gimme a call

Quitting coffee and coffee alternatives

I am a big coffee lover, but I always drink it for pleasure, as a me-time moment while reading a magazine in the morning or watching youtube videos. I’ve never been addicted! But during this travel, especially in New York where the coffee cups are gigantic, I started to feel the urge to drink coffee in the morning and I want to get back to drink it for pleasure. So for now, I substitute it with pure a chicory blend.

Matcha latte, another amazing coffee replacement when available.

Four months Itineray in the Americas

Now it’s time for me to start writing my travel guides, articles and visual diaries and editing videos. As you may guess, I have a ton of content to sort out. But I love doing this after my travels and reliving those moments. To keep things organised here is the itinerary followed during this journey. The main mood being: slow travel, home away from home, do it like a local and digital nomad, because we worked while traveling.



Mexico city


Playa del Carmen

Rio Lagartos




San José

New York

xo xo Dalal
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