Beach and Yoga weekend in Morocco and my back pain story

Aug 6, 2018Life, Wellness

Hi there! I hope that you are enjoying summer to the max. Here is a recap of this weekend at the beach in Morocco.

As I mentioned in my last post, these days are all about reconnecting the people that I miss, relaxing and … healing my back. When my yogi friend read that I’ve been experiencing back problems once again, she came for the rescue. It ended up with a yoga, beach, girls chat and delicious fruit lovely weekend.

Yoga for back pain

I’ve been experiencing lower back pain problems since I’ve been nineteen. Until now, I still don’t have a clear diagnosis. I’ve seen countless doctors and physiologists. Some say it’s my height and posture, being on the taller side. Others say that I have an abnormally arched spine and I’ve even had doctors diagnosing an early sciatica… So I am still clueless. What I do know is that if I don’t practice yoga and pay careful attention to my posture at all times, I experience severe back pain. The ones that make me cry at every micro movement. And I can assure you that I’m pretty resistant to pain.

The funny thing is, in the last (expensive) physical therapy that I had… I realised that the sesison was mostly yoga postures! A lot of cat-cow postures, pigeon poses, stretches, extensions and core strengthening. Proof of it, when I regularly practice yoga, the pain almost disappears and I can lead a normal life.

So I was more than happy when my yogi friend Hind suggested to give me one-on-one personalised sessions just for that purpose. And I feel much better already. She safely guided me through poses that I usually don’t do when I have a back pain.

Hind still has her regular job, but if you’re interested in a yoga session with her contact her through Instagram: here! (weekends and after hours only :-)) If you’re interested, I can write a yoga for back pain article with her. I know that a lot of people experience back pain from a very early age. Let me know! Oh! And she’s an adventurous traveler too πŸ˜‰

Beach life in Morocco

So needless to say that I had a lovely weekend with Hind and her cute dog. We had so much to catch up on since we were both on a long term travel this year. We had long walks by the beach, fruit parties, late night talks and a lot of yoga sessions. Isn’t her dog the cutest? All the beach know him by now, he’s an amazing social being!

“Dolce” the beach mascot. Dogs are the best therapy, they are always happy!

Hind & DolceΒ 

Friends who know me, bring a fruit baskets instead of cake when they visit :-p

Morning yoga

I need to remember to bring cute yoga cusions from SE Asia at the end of the year!

Breakfast: Avocado toast, boiled eggs, kiwis and mangoes

Jumpsuit: Likemary. Can be styled as an outfit and also perfect for yoga/Β Hat:Β  Free PeopleΒ / Sunglasses: Urban outfitters

I hope that you enjoyed this summer filled article. Bisous from the beach!

xo xo Dalal
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