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If you ever set foot in Mexico you can’t miss their favourite seasoning mix: Tajin.

Tajin is a brand name, but it became associated with the mix itself. It’s a blend of powdered lime and chili and it’s absolutely delicious. My palate was introduced to a whole new world of flavours, because Mexicans put Tajin on the most surprising things. It adds complexity to sweet flavours and depth to the savoury ones.

The composing ingredients are: salt, chili, lime and a little bit of anti-caking agent. Not 100% natural, but not evil either.

I wish that I could ship one bottle to each and every one of you so you can try it for yourselves.

As a big fan of citric flavours, and one of those people who crave lemon water in the morning and put lemon everywhere, you must’ve guess that I became addicted to it. So here are the most common uses for Tajin:

Tajin seasoning uses in Mexico

  • Tacos: Of course!
  • In cocktails: The most famous being Micheladas and Margaritas. The colourful granules that you see on the edge of cocktail is a mix of Tajin and sugar
  • On cucumbers: While I enjoy the watery taste of cucumbers au naturel, adding tajin makes their flavour pops a lot more
  • On a fruit salad: The most common combination that I see here is with very sweet ripe mangoes and watermelon
  • On popsicles: the famous paletas with pineapple and mango
  • On corn: Either on elotes (corn on the cob) or esquites, corn in a cup with mayonnaise and chili
  • My favourite: On avocados and guacamole! If you put Tajin on your avocado toast, it needs nothing more to taste absolutely amazing.
  • Potato chips: and corn chips, doritos and all cracking snacks.





Other ideas to use Tajin spice

Be creative and use it to add a kick on anything you want. Think of all that can go with lime and chili and there you have it. Since we are on a long travel journey, it’s been a staple in may backpack. Tajin is an easy way to add a flavour kick without adding a ton of spices. Also very handy when you’re not able to find lemons. So far I tried Tajin with:



Tortilla soup


Pilaf rice

Chocolate bites

Refried beans

Where to buy Tajin?

Of course if you go to Mexico you can bring your own stock. Otherwise it’s sometimes available in the International food section of your supermarket, for example Walmart. And like anything that you can think of, you can order it on Amazon below and it’s not crazy expensive:


Thank you for reading this article, leave a comment if you have any thought or suggestion.

xo xo Dalal
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